As my husband and I drove back home, tired and worn out, I was gathering strength to tackle my 7 year old daughter‘s tantrums. I thought she might be little upset with us!  We had gone for the usual weekend grocery shopping leaving our 7 year old daughter at home. She likes going out with us in the car; listening to some of her favourite songs and chatting with her dad! But grocery shopping doesn’t excite her much and so she reluctantly decided to stay back at home with her grandparents. 

Shreya3I rang the door bell, expecting to see my daughter sitting on the sofa with a sad face, waiting to be hugged and given her favourite snack/chocolate. What I wasn’t expecting was to be greeted with a plate of Dhokla that she’d made in the Microwave (with her Dadi’s help, of course) after reading the recipe in my cook book!

The young lady felt that mom would be too tired to make the family’s favourite Sunday snack after all that shopping, and decided to take matters into her own hands! So she made the dhoklas, laid the table, and patiently waited for mom and dad to come home for the big surprise!

This thrill of seeing my little baby put together a dish, and lay the table, complete with napkin holder on the side and 4 coasters (I’m very particular about coasters!), was simply out of the world! She often pitches in to help with laying the dining table, but this was the very first time she had done this without any help from me or her dad, and exactly the way we do it.

The feeling was simply overwhelming. This took me back to when I was 10, and would try to imitate my mother’s way of tying her hair up. It always looked perfect! And somehow, I was never able to get it just right. And now I see my little princess follow in my footsteps, trying to do things exactly the way I do them!

Shreya4I seem to have passed my passion for cook to her as well, and now we make the Sunday snack together, trying out various new recipies from her favourite show ‘I Can Cook’ on CBeebies. We’ve tried out Oats Ladoo, Chocolate and biscuit pudding, chocolate cake and a few simple salads. More than anything else, it’s the way she tries to do them the same way I do; like bringing out the napkins before serving the dish, or the way she carefully places all the ingredients in the shelves after we are done.

I’ll always remember the feeling of pride and warmth that filled me the first weekend, when she surprised us with the Dhoklas. The transformation of emotion, from suspicion at her blotches on clothes, to being overcome with joy at the surprise she’d planned for us!

ShreyaAs I cleared the kitchen and put her stained clothe aside, from paint and mud stained… to now stains of oil, besan and haldi! A royal mess! The pretty dainty frock, spotted here and there. To my relief, I know that these tough stains can be well taken care of in the washing machine, thanks to Surf Excel Matic, which gives a machine wash as good as any hand wash. And leaves me free to revel in the happiness of the moment a little bit longer!

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