This video was initially received with great fanfare and then gradually and now increasingly it has been attracting a lot of flak.

Evidently the people behind the video have started with a great intention – to talk about women empowerment. To emphasise that every woman has to fight for equality, be it social, political, economic or sexual.

Unfortunately, somewhere everything goes horribly wrong. Is it because some of us fail to understand the meaning of empowerment. Empowerment does not mean "I can do whatever I want". Empowerment means being in control of one's life – to be able to make decisions and to be considered when decisions are being made.Women Empowerment aims to foster power in women for use in their own lives, their communities and in their society, by acting on issues they define as important.

Remember "With power comes responsibilities". We still have the responsibility to be a good daughter/ wife / mom /sister/ friend. Just like it is expected of men – to be a good son/ husband/ dad/ brother/ friend! When we co-exist, we must make an effort to understand the people around us, make a few adjustments and sometimes be willing to make a few compromises too.

Empowerment does not mean that "I will not contribute to the family – I am a free bird". Empowerment means I am capable of making decisions in the best interest of my family. Empowerment means a woman's priority is important too and should be on the family's list.

Empowerment speeches and rallies for women are done, not to ask anybody to grant women freedom – but to let women know that they are entitled to these – Just grab it.

While we want to remind women that she is inferior to none – we will remain aware of our responsibilities and will keep contributing and play an important role in the welfare of the family – the society and the nation.