Dear Moms!


Thanks for such a warm response. I am quite thrilled to be making so many things over the weekend. smile emoticon

I wanted to take up a new recipe that’s very close to me. I believe every morning when you wake up its upto you to start the day on a note of gratitude or a totally oblivious one.

There is something I practice every day – its called ‘Power Shower’. The idea is simple – be completely in the moment, halt your thoughts for a little while, and believe the water is totally cleansing not just the body but refreshing the mind and the soul.

I love using natural products, interesting aromas that boost my mood and make my skin supple. The second step is to make some awesome soaps at home yourself – spa quality I promise. smile emoticon?

What you need – (For an Oatmeal Honey Soap)
PP21.) 100 grams – Melt and Pour soap base – (Honey / Aloe Vera / Goat Milk) You can also make it at home with lye but I never get the time to do it.
2.) Handful of oats
3.) 3 – 4 drops of Vanilla pod or natural essence (optional)

Now, take melt the soap base in the microwave for not more than 30 seconds. Be sure to stir it after every 10 seconds. Once melted add oats, vanilla essence. Set it in a mould, I use recycled stuff from home. The awesomeness is ready to be used. smile emoticon

* Soap base available at INA Market, Bhogal Market, Old Delhi.
(500rs – 600rs for a kg)

I have made chocolate soaps, basil, rosemary, mint, orange, lemon, flax seed, coffee, cinnamon, cucumber, sandalwood and even all spice.

Its a lot of fun and extremely rewarding with the power shower.

In case you do make some at home, pack them creatively and gift them as handmade gifts on Diwali and birthdays.

Look forward to hearing back from you lovelies.

With love, peace and happiness!
Stay Wild Child