Reclaim Your Life : When you begin a book that highlights mental health you anticipate serious stuff. What put me most at ease and helped me glide through this read is the extremely light and straightforward way Dr.Shelja Sen has handled this sensitive topic.

The readability is such that anyone can delve into this book and learn from it.It is not preachy and gives us some great examples which may seem all too familiar.

The tips and life practices elaborated in this book are something anyone and everyone can benefit from. I particularly resonated with the list of activities that could “ pepper you life with sparkling joy”.

I do love the revisiting from Dr.Sen’s previous books of PQ ( Playfullness quotient) it is so imperative to keep the child in you alive ! 
And of course my favourite Zihuatanejo from the movie The Shawshank Redemption. 
As the cover says this really moves beyond the stigma associated with mental health. 
Do grab this if you feel you could use a great positivity boost . 
I highlighted so much ( see enclosed photo in comments) however am sharing just a few quotes here to give you an insight into this read.

“It is only when we are comfortable with our darkness that we can connect with our own light”
“In the same way , if our approach in life is to look for greatness in each person ,then we will find it in each person we meet ”
“ The problem is the problem and the person is not the problem”
“Being human in this world means that shit will happen, it is a given.What we have to do is take that shit and use it as mulch for soul work”

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