What does the product do?

In these extremely hazardous polluted days, when people are investing in air purifiers for the home and cars, or in anti pollution masks, this product is the ‘sasta-sundar’ option. It prevents one from breathing in polluted air. It is extremely affordable at INR 110 for a pack of 10 or INR 330 for a pack of 30. One can use one for up to 12 hours at a stretch.


Where was it purchased?
I purchased from the company website. www.nasofilters.com
How was it to use?
 It’s a peel off stickon . Simple to use. Takes some getting used to like one would need to acclimatise to contact lenses or progressive lenses.
Does the product deliver what it promises? 
As there is no way to monitor it, this is hard to say. The company claims it filters PM 2.5 from entering the nasal passage. Given that room or car filters too do the same, that is, filter the air, I would say it does deliver.
Would you recommend it?
Definitely. I am not in favor of expensive gadgets with space limitations.
One can’t have air filters everywhere. Best to have it on the person. And as compared to ugly looking sci-fi masks, this is so much better. Doesn’t take space, use electricity, add to e-waste, or cost the earth.
Also discuss the shortcomings
Given its a disposable, and the size is the size of nostril, two shortcomings are-It needs getting used to wearing it and that one feels the filter initially while breathing as a mild hindrance.