I decided to watch this movie alone today

It truly is a hard hitting film… But only for those who have been through the pain and trauma of domestic abuse. There were many in theatre laughing during the scenes of abuse and pain that a woman goes through when she is tortured by her husband

Taapsee Pannu  has portrayed the role of the victim perfectly and so have all the other characters. New comer Pavail Gulati who plays the husband is perfect in his role and so are Kumud Mishra  and Ratna Pathak Shah as Amrita’s parents , Tanvi Azmi as her mom-in-law . Maya Sarao is great in the role of Amrita’s lawyer, and Geetika Vidya Ohlyan  is absolutely brilliant as the house help

Kudos to the makers especially the director Anubhav Sinha.All of them are so natural and relatable.

Why relatable? Because I have been on the receiving end for many years before I decided to take a stand against domestic violence… For my sake.. For my little girl’s sake.
Staying in an abusive marriage whether it is physical, mental or financial abuse just because you have children is even worse. But yes you need to be strong and have an even stronger support system to take any step.

I have been able to get out of this is because of my mother who has been the pillar of strength always.. From the day the abuse started till date. Also a few friends and family members who stood by me

In the movie the victim was lucky that her case ended soon and she was able to get a divorce because her husband realised his mistake
However that really does not happen mostly. Divorce and domestic violence court cases are long drawn and ugly. Tareekh pe tareekh is what you get…. And self realisation by the abuser is rare!!
I remember when I consulted very senior and renowned lawyers, I was discouraged to take the legal route as it would take years and drain me mentally and financially.
I still chose to go the legal way as I wanted to fight for my rights and that of my daughter. But they were true.. It’s been 5 years and I am still where I started….But more stronger mentally and so is my daughter . I am told because some women misuse the law that’s why the judiciary has become careful and takes time.
I am not saying that all women are right and all men are wrong… But the laws need to be strict against those who are proved guilty… Or if the victim has all the valid proofs against the abuser.

Also in a Domestic abuse case if a lower court passes a judgement after years, the law should not allow the abuser to file a petition against it…. But sadly that is not the case…. The victim is traumatized further and further


My Daughter Simrann & I

Has it deterred me from giving up my fight for my rights and that of my daughter… No… I am not done yet!! Do I expect the other party to realise his mistake.. No… But I expect the judiciary to act and pass a judgement!!

Believe me it all starts with a Thappad….You need to stop it there… Else it just gets from bad to worse…
It happened with me.. Hence sharing with all. Even if one woman can benefit or learn from my story then my purpose is achieved. I don’t want to name or shame anyone or look pitiful or bechari…. Doing that is easy!! Just sharing what a domestic abuse victim goes through in real life!

Go and watch the movie #Thappad not for entertainment but only if you can feel or relate to the pain and definitely show it to your sons and daughters too.
Teach your kids to behave and be humane with another human… Especially their wives or even husbands!!
#Stopdomesticabuse #domecticviolence #savethegirlchild #momsurecan

Watch the trailer here


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