A story about a small girl
Who learnt life’s lessons, as she endured
Weakened by love, her heart in a whirl
She used love to grow & she matured
Love made her forget her very own needs, but love made her so needy
That she started to keep
Her thoughts to herself
When she needed to speak
Love clouded her eyes
Love made her expect
But love’s many contradictions
She was forced to accept!
She found herself suffering
Loving Ram inspire of all his dithering
But he violated her heart
When he forced them apart
He sent her away, in a moment & a day, no tears, no farewell, he banished her to a private hell!
So love became a spade
With which she chose to bury her mental state
Her love soon turned to sorrow
Was it destiny or was it all her?
Did she give up her dignity or was it taken from her?
The Gods soon chose to bless her
Sent her twins to “love” & teach
They in turn adored her
Learnt  their tasks & were a treat!
But Ram was still not done with his wife,
Though Sita had saved his life!
He asked her to do another test by fire
To prove that for no other man she had any desire
But Sita decided to finally speak
Showed Ram that she will not be meek!
She had balanced love with duty
In her final act she shows her inner beauty
The story ending is really heart rending
But the lessons learnt in our minds are burnt
Ladies use your heart and head to decide
When to compromise and when to go with the tide
And when to stand up and speak
Lest Sita’s fate you have to reap

Feature Image Credits: Sriparna Chakraborty