In this heartfelt interview, a devoted mother shares her journey of raising a child who came out to her about his sexual orientation, and the profound evolution of their relationship. 

Choosing to remain anonymous, she opens up about the challenges, joys, and unwavering support she has provided to her child, highlighting the importance of acceptance and love in the face of societal prejudice. Her story is a testament to the power of unconditional love and the courage it takes to stand by one’s child, no matter what.

Can you share the moment when your child first came out to you?

As a mother, I have had a sense of it since his childhood. He was a very perceptive and tender-hearted boy. He would often watch me dress up, showing a keen interest in my clothes and jewelry.I remember a particular incident when he was very young. We were at a toy shop, and he chose a figurine of Wonder Woman. He cherished it and played with it for years.

Despite others advising me not to encourage him, I always believed in letting him explore his interests. Whether it was playing with utensils or embracing his fascination with certain toys, I supported his journey of self-discovery.As he grew older, his identity became clearer, and it was no surprise to me. I always had an intuitive understanding, so accepting him for who he is came naturally to me.

How did you react when you discovered? Can you share the conversation you had with him?

I found out by chance as I was reading through some chats. He had left his Facebook open on my laptop, and I stumbled upon messages between him and a much older man, who was trying to arrange a meeting.

I was overwhelmed with fear and paranoia. My immediate reaction was to lash out at him. I was terrified at the thought of him being victimized or abused. My only instinct was to protect him at all costs, even if my reaction may have seemed excessive.Deep down, all I wanted was for him to be safe, and I was willing to do whatever it took to shield him from any potential harm.

What emotions did you go through during that period?

My primary concern was always his safety and happiness. Apart from that, there was never any doubt or denial—I have always known and loved him unconditionally. Being his mother, my support for him is unwavering.

Seeing him confidently express himself in public, dressing the way he wanted, filled me with admiration for his resilience. I felt that if my child could display such courage, the least I could do was offer my unconditional support and love. His bravery and resilience have been a great source of inspiration and strength for me.


How did you go about learning more about LGBTQIA+  issues after your child came out to you?

I was already quite knowledgeable about these issues; I consider myself an informed parent. For me, loving my child unconditionally is a given—it’s just natural.

I strongly believe that who you love and choose to be with is deeply personal, and no one else should have a say in that. As parents, our role is simply to love our children, no matter what, and that’s what I intend to do unconditionally.

How did you ensure your child felt supported and loved?

At first, my child was hesitant to come out, especially after facing bullying at school. However, he gradually started expressing himself more freely, dressing up and wearing makeup.

The lockdown during the pandemic actually helped him feel more secure and accepted, acting as a catalyst for his self-expression. However, the journey hasn’t been easy for him, given his sensitive nature.I made a conscious effort to always support and defend my child. Whether we were out in public or visiting someone’s house, if he wanted to dress up in a particular way, I supported him. By standing by him, I wanted to send a clear message that I not only accepted him but also supported him wholeheartedly. If I could be okay with it, then others should be too. If they weren’t, I believed it was their problem, not ours.

Did you encounter any challenges within your extended family or community? How did you deal with them?

I consider myself truly fortunate to be surrounded by people who have been incredibly supportive and non-judgmental towards me and my child.For anyone in the future who may express any negative sentiments, I’ve made it clear that they cannot be a part of our lives.

I’m grateful to live in a community where all my neighbors have embraced him for who he is, which has been a beautiful experience for us.


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How has your relationship with your child evolved since you expressed your support?

Given the challenges our society imposes, and will likely continue to impose, my child has and will always find our home as their safe haven. I firmly believe that families should never turn their backs on their children.

I often ask myself, if not me, then who? This journey has strengthened our bond. My child now shares his heartbreaks and all his feelings with me, knowing that our relationship is a pillar of unwavering support.

Looking back, do you have any regrets or feel you could have done things differently?

The only moment I wish I could change is when I first discovered his chats with a much older man. My immediate reaction was one of fear and panic, driven by a deep desire to keep him safe. In hindsight, I believe I could have handled the situation with more calm and understanding.

What advice do you have for parents whose children are coming out as LGBTQIA+ ? 

As long as parents stand by their children, no one else’s opinion should matter. It’s perplexing that loving your children unconditionally, regardless of their sexual orientation, is even a question.

Parents must love and support their children unequivocally, being their pillar of strength. By simply accepting them for who they are, you can make an enormous difference in their lives.

How can parents cultivate a safe and nurturing environment for their LGBTQIA+ children?

It starts with sensitizing everyone around us. Adults should educate their children to refrain from judgment. If peers, friends, and society as a whole stop passing judgment, our world would be a much kinder place.

Empower your children to create a safe space where everyone is accepted and embraced for who they are.


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How has your understanding of LGBTQIA+ issues changed over time?

As a parent, I’ve always made an effort to stay informed and educated about LGBTQIA+ issues. I attend pride parades every year, which has helped me broaden my perspective and deepen my understanding of the community.

Can you recall a special moment or conversation with your child that reaffirmed your support?

There are countless moments, but the ones that stand out are the times when he opens up to me about his heartbreaks and relationship struggles. He confides in me as he would in a friend.

How do you and your child celebrate his identity?

We make it a tradition to attend the Pride Parade together every year. I cherish meeting his friends from the Pride community, who appreciate and admire the support I show my child.


Through her candid reflections, this mother offers invaluable insights and advice to other parents navigating similar experiences. Her commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment for her child underscores the profound impact parental support can have on the well-being and happiness of LGBTQIA+ individuals. As she continues to champion her child’s identity, her journey serves as an inspiring reminder that acceptance, love, and understanding are the cornerstones of a strong, resilient family.