We relocated back to Gurgaon last year after a three-year stint in Chennai. We were re-settling in the city and wondering what had changed over the years. The place and people were familiar and still had the touch of our first home after marriage.

Chennai, being a coastal city, always had a fresh sea breeze on most days to dispel the heat and humidity of the day. Gurgaon and the NCR region being largely land and known for its dustiness has increasingly become a hotbed of pollution. This was our biggest apprehension while moving back.

By the time Diwali arrived, the air quality started deteriorating significantly. My seven-year-old son was getting constant coughs and watery eyes. We realized air purifiers were a necessity in NCR where air quality was fairly bad throughout the year and not just in some specific months. 

Realizing the importance of investing in a good and effective air purifier, we started our research. Given the variety available, it’s hard to discern which is the right one in terms of features, performance etc. We surveyed the market to find the best one that suited our needs

We fell in love with Dyson models due to several reasons –

  • The machines are lightweight and portable and can be easily moved around the house to different rooms on a need basis
  • The design is attractive and sleek, very easy to clean
  • Their Bladeless technology is ideal for a house with small kids. Kids can touch the machine without any concern that they may get hurt
  • Dyson has best-in-class technology with automatic detection of pollutants and reporting in real-time
  • There are vacuum-sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters that capture minute particles and gases in the first pass itself
  • Dyson Cryptomic™ technology destroys formaldehyde
  • 350-degree Oscillation projects purified air throughout the room
  • The machine can be controlled from an app on the phone – a great feature to monitor the kids’ room while we are away.
  • The machine has the ability to heat during winters and is safe for kids as the machine does not get hot. It beats the need for a separate oil heater as one machine forms a dual function of air purifier and heater

We asked for a demo at our place where the person patiently explained the features and how to use the machine. We loved the design and its user-friendly features. To us, the product appealed over all others in the market due to its superior technology and the fact that it enhances the aesthetics of our house. We gifted ourselves the much-needed fresh air last Diwali and have been using it regularly since then. This Diwali we decided to gift our loved one’s Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier as well.

Every time the display on the machine shows poor air quality outdoors, I am assured that we are breathing better air indoors. I often track the AQI levels in real-time through the Dyson app on my phone and get the much-needed comfort that my family is protected against pollution.

So, if you are exploring an air purifier for yourself or looking for a useful gift do check out the fantastic Dyson range. It’s a great way to protect your loved ones and says you care !.