When GurgaonMoms Founder, Neela Kaushik asked me to sample a new Biryani venture making healthy biryanis, frankly I was skeptical as healthy biryani did sound a bit oxymoron-ish to me. Then the creator of these, Arjyo Banerjee explained how they use healthier rice varieties, millets, quinoa, and lesser and better fats like olive oil and ghee, so I looked forward to trying these versions.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani (Rs 349) is a much lighter version than usual, with sella basmati rice, made in traditional kacchi style. I’m surprised to find sella rice tasting so much better than basmati, with each grain separate, perfectly spiced, and well-cooked chicken.


Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani

Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani (Rs 199) has a similar flavourful base and loved the ample kathal pieces in it.

Brown Rice Chicken Biryani (Rs 349) is in Lucknowi style but much low on spices and fats and tastes great.


Millet Mutton Biryani

Millet Mutton Biryani (Rs 450) is cooked in Ambur style with jeera samba rice and some foxtail millets mixed in. Again, it’s non-greasy, balanced spice, and perfectly cooked mutton. Though I don’t really find the taste of millets coming through, it’s more of rice so the description as Millet Biryani may be misleading.

The biryanis are accompanied by chutney, salan, and raita. The salan is well made and the other two are nice too. It’s interesting how different varieties of rice have been used in different styles of biryani instead of the ubiquitous long-grained basmati, and the flavor & texture of these rice enhances the overall taste.


The two kebabs, Chicken Malai Seekh (Rs 210) and Achari Paneer Tikka (170) are nice as an accompaniment but I find nothing distinct about them, as was with their unique biryanis.


Desserts are where they ace it again.

The Gud Daliye ki Phirni (Rs 50) is a delicious take on phirni with daliya, creamy and not very sweet. Gulab Jamun(Rs 50) is one of the softest I’ve had in recent times.

I’m impressed that healthy biryani can taste this good. There are quinoa, poha, and keto versions also. We have had 2 meals out of these and felt no heaviness at all which happens with the usual biryani. So if you are looking for a ‘taste bhi health bhi’ experience, you know what to order.

To order: https://responsiblebiryani.com/order-online/

This review is by Shefali Saxena 

An ex-software professional and now a full-time mom, dabbling into various interests, cooking & food being a major one. Favorite Celebrity Chef – Jamie Oliver Kitchen Must-haves – Various Dips/dressings and my own special chilli paste Kitchen Tools she cants do without – My special Wok and my blender for smoothies Cooking Style – Simple, no-fuss recipes. Her favorites are Asian cuisines.