With the weekdays being extremely busy with schools, classes and work, we make sure weekends are filled with lots of cuddles, laughter and family time! This weekend GurgaonMoms gave us the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much-needed family fun at their Winter Family Picnic organised at Aamod’s Golden Turtle Farm near Manesar.

While the farm with its lush green surroundings and adorable rabbits and ducks offered the ideal setting for a picnic under the warm winter sun, GurgaonMoms created the perfect ambience for an exciting afternoon with activities and games specially curated for our little ones. We were welcomed by all the delightful farm animal cutouts by Priyanka Gupta of Pastel Petite that were beautifully placed across the farm along with colourful balloons, transforming the venue into a gorgeous barnyard, almost identical to the one in our favourite nursery rhyme book! Baby S was thrilled to ‘moo’ and ‘baa’ with his favourite animals as he posed for pictures at the stunning photo booth. But the fun was not restricted to animal cut outs, the children had a great time feeding the rabbits and prancing around near the ducks. While books are a great way to introduce children to farms and farm animals, a visit to a farm such as the Golden Turtle, where children can experience these animals in their natural habitat, helps reinforce these concepts in a fun and engaging manner. After all, nothing can be more than watching your favourite animals from your farm books come alive and play with you!

To further emphasise the theme of nature and our environment, the moms from LitJoys – Nurturing the Joy of Learning and The Story Goblet shared an interesting tale about the Gulmohar tree using beautiful props, leaving the children mesmerised by the magic of nature. They were most enthralled to spot the Gulmohar tree and colour the cutouts of the Gulmohar flower. LitJoys creates interesting learning boxes focussed on different themes such as nature, travel etc. to introduce young children to these concepts through a fun and engaging manner through fun stories and unique craft material including stickers and paper cut-outs. The picnic’s theme was further extended by the organic and healthy food experience offered by Slurrp Farm – a range of scrumptious and healthy recipes with ragi, millet and other healthy grains that are created especially for children. Meghana Narayan from Slurrp Farm shared its 100% yummy-ness experience through a slow cooking counter where children could make their own delicious and healthy millet pancakes and decorate them with healthy fruits and nuts to compete for the most creative pancake design. Baby S couldn’t imagine designing his pancake as anything other than a cute and healthy race car! The food fun was further enhanced by an interesting cake pop and cake jar making session by Neha Dhingra of Fun with Food. Baby S enjoyed making his healthy and delicious cake jar with carrot cake, but what left his eyes sparkling was the sight of his tempting cake pop decorated with gems and sprinkles. After all, picnics are about some indulgence as well!

To build up our appetite for the delicious food specially curated for the picnic, Gurgaon Moms arranges some exciting games and races for children as well as adults. We can never get too old for tug of war.  There was also an exciting grooming competition hosted by Havells for their new and innovative product – Havells Baby Clipper. Haircuts are a nightmare for most mums as children scream and refuse to let those scary scissors and clippers near them. Havells Baby Clipper with is low noise and less vibration offers the ideal solution for a calm grooming experience. This was witnessed first-hand by the mothers present at the picnic, with both mum and baby leaving the grooming counter smiling and happy.

Baby S’ favourite activity was the piggy bank painting organised by La Pintura . He was most excited to create his own little masterpiece with colours under the loving guidance of Vidhya Venkat of La Pintura. We cannot thank GurgaonMoms enough for curating a perfect afternoon with engaging stories, exciting games, creative art and food workshops and an ideal farm experience. The fun take-home gifts were organised by Gunjan Kar generously by Tupperware India. We had the best time bonding as a family as well as watching Baby S run around and have a great time with the other children. Afternoons like these, spent in the midst of nature, are a great way to create some precious family memories and this one is definitely getting a mention in the family scrapbook.

Photo Credits :Meenakshi Malik from Meenakshisinghphotography