Following a healthy lifestyle might seem to be the most difficult thing to do in the beginning but it really is a mindset change. Following a balanced diet with regular exercise has become almost a ritual, a habit for me and has helped me be at my healthiest best since the past 3 years. Not that I was very overweight but the last 3 years I feel stronger, more energetic (younger!) and healthy than I ever did by just being more disciplined about what and how much I eat. Most importantly my second pregnancy flew by like a breeze and I was able to lose all of my post-pregnancy weight (16kgs) in about 6 months without any quick diet fixes. In fact, my post-pregnancy weight loss regime included eating all of my favorite foods as well as fats!

Here are a few tips I would love to share on how to keep things simple when it comes to losing weight and staying fit:

  • Don’t think of diets and exercises as negative or impossible to do. In other words, don’t over imagine dieting but think of it as part of your day to day
  • Celebrate and acknowledge your every small success towards achieving a healthy lifestyle
  • Start small and try not to eradicate all of your favorite foods at one time
  • Listen to your body and slow down if you feel you are overly stretching yourself
  • It’s not a myth: Drink tons of water throughout the day!
  • Use healthy alternatives i.e. Jaggery instead of sugar, Whole wheat and grains instead of flour
  • Add delicious wholesome nuts, raisins, and dates to your diets! not only are they packed with amazing nutrients but also keep you full for a long time
















My Power Detox Salad Recipe

Sharing one of my favorites, easy to make, healthy salads that work well as an anytime snack!

Mix small pieces of pomegranate, apples, and cucumber together in a bowl with a dash of lemon and salt (if you are brave enough and want that glowing complexion and health: throw in some beetroots and carrots too!!