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Posted on 01 September 2014

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Posted on 01 September 2014

There has been a considerable popularity of the demand for hip hop jewelry in the last few years,replica orologi Italia. Various celebrities and rap stars made this form of fashion jewelry popular among people,Replica orologi. The term “hip-hop” is for jewelry items possess a lot of bright and huge stones on it and are very […]

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Posted on 01 September 2014

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Posted on 01 September 2014

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Posted on 01 September 2014

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Woman Of The Month – October 2013

Posted on 14 September 2013

In conversation with Aparna Santhanam, a woman who wears many hats - a sucessful author, dermatologist, mother, wife, and an ardent supporter of social causes. We spoke to Aparna on life after a baby, family holidays, food, and more….. 1. Has Mommyhood changed you? If yes, how? I think becoming a Mother has been the most […]

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Diet Recipes

Date Squares

Posted on 27 December 2011

The weight watchers meet in Dec 2011 went on great. Members brought interesting diet snacks that we actually had a yummy time but a lighetr one . Sharing the recipes with you all! Smriti Chhabra, one of our serious weight watchers brought the winner of the day dish, a dessert sans sugar, any dieters 'dream […]

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Dosa Varieties

Masala dosa

Posted on 21 April 2013

Ingredients: For the dosa batter: 4 cups raw rice (OR 3 cups raw rice + 1 cup parboiled rice)  1 cup Urad dal 1/4 cup poha (a big handful) 1 tbsp methi seeds Salt to taste Water for soaking Oil+Ghee (or plain oil) for making the dosas  For making batter: Soak the rice, methi seeds, […]

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Tiffin Bites Download

Posted on 01 August 2013

Download The file 758 total views, 2 views today

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A “Dimsumptuous” time!

Posted on 08 August 2013

On Friday the 2nd of August a dim sum making workshop and lunch was organized for the Gurgaon Moms group at the Dimsum Bros. restaurant in Ambience Mall. Twenty- four of us eager beavers landed up at this well designed, warm and rather cosy establishment.   Once introductions were over and pleasantries exchanged, we got […]

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Family Hits


Posted on 02 October 2011

My Mom was born & bought up in Uttar Pradesh so the styles of cooking and recipes are predominantly from that part of India in her kitchen! I have been married into a typical Punjabi family, so it is also the marriage of 2 palates. This dish is actually a speciality of my mom and forms […]

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Finance and money

Off-Beat Careers – Look beyond the obvious!

Posted on 25 August 2014

Few decades back, a career meant becoming an engineer, a doctor, an IAS officer or a manager and for most women, it was the tried and trusted profession of lecturers and teachers. But not anymore! Times have changed. Now opportunities are galore – restaurateur, painter, writer, landscape designer, cake specialist, wedding planner, astrologer, photographer, radio […]

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Flavors Of India Recipes

Third Prize Winning Entry- Vazhaipoo Vadai recipe

Posted on 07 October 2013

Ingredients Vazhaipoo, cleaned, chopped    1 cup  Channa Dal            ¾ cup Urad Dal                2 tbsp Green or Red chilli        4 – 5 Fennel seeds or jeera        1 tsp Onions chopped            ¼ cup Asafoetida            As needed Coriander & curry leaves, Salt    As needed Oil           […]

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Frontpage Manager of gurgaonmoms

A mother’s dilemma: “Can you play with me?”

Posted on 25 March 2013

Every time I see those twinkly eyes with that earnest request, can you play with me, an inner struggle triggers in me: I know my kid won’t be little much longer. He won’t ask me to play with him. I will probably look back and wish I had played with him more. So, yes, even […]

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Auto Driver to Advocate | A story of grit and determination

Posted on 29 August 2014

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We now love Havel’s! Don’t we!

Posted on 10 June 2014

We love kitchen but thats not the only way we can be helpful. We are talented and we wish to be part of all discussions.  Meet the Indian Woman 2.0 546 total views, 4 views today

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Gurgaon Kids

Fire & Wheel Festival

Posted on 09 December 2013

Truth foundation is dedicated in spreading awareness about creativity, design and storytelling in schools, organizations and academia at large. Hence, Truth foundation and Magnivow Experiences brought together a Design festival – The FIRST ever Fire and Wheel Design festival for children in the age group of 12 -18 years in Gurgaon. This inter-school competition came […]

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Vaccination In Children

Posted on 05 May 2014

Overview The principle of vaccination is to make our body resistant or immune to attack by a particular germ (microbe) by exposing it to a harmless component of that microbe. It induces immune memory in our body that helps it to fight the microbe upon subsequent attack. Contrary to popular belief , it doesn't "lower […]

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Holi Recipes

Holi Recipes

Posted on 25 March 2013

The amount is mostly approximate because I just make it by instinct rather than exact measurements. Gujiya  Ingredients : For approximately 25 Gujiyas Khoya – 200 gms Maida – 250 gms Dry Coconut (Shredded) – 20 gms (approx) Kishmish – 10- 15 Green Cardamom – 3-4 Chironji – 10-15 Castor Sugar – According to taste […]

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Home Decor

Humanize Harmonize the Green Way

Posted on 19 November 2013

A predictable pattern is emerging in the design and home fashion fads followed by today’s urban dwellers. It’s coming to seem that we are more concerned with the way our houses represent our social status to outsiders than we are with creating nurturing spaces for our families to inhabit. Instead of designing home environments that […]

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Italian Cuisine

Become a Master Chef at Flip Bistro

Posted on 09 August 2011

Date: Aug 6, 2011 Venue: Flip Bistro outlet at DLF Cyber City Participants:  Dipti Singh Verma, Divya Mehta, Monika Gupta, Nafisa Riz, Neela Kaushik, Nupur Garg, Nupur Sharma, Savita Bahl & Rajni Vohra Flip Bistro's Founder Sahil Sachdev congratulated the winners of the Menu Planning Contest and welcomed all other members present that day. The Chef […]

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News for Children

Posted on 27 January 2014

Headline: CM on the street Last week, Delhi citizens were in for an unusual sight – that of their Chief Minister sleeping in the street. Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s newly appointed Chief Minister spent two days (and a night!) on the streets of central Delhi, very close to Parliament House. He was protesting for the suspension […]

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids say the darndest things – Sept 2013

Posted on 08 September 2013

Kids never cease to amaze us. We bring to you a series called 'Kids say the dardnest things'. This segment has all the makings of a blockbuster movie. It could leave you laughing, amazed, and sometimes even plain shocked. This week we feature the kids of Jayanti Pandey and Shravani Bagchi. Jayanti Pandey says, "It […]

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Living In Gurgaon

Gurgaon Police Gears to Make Gurgaon Safer for Kids – Parents & Schools Participate

Posted on 29 August 2014

“Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” Herbert Ward, director (1970–2000) of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Boulder City, NV; The seminar started with such a poignant quote. I can sit and discuss how unsafe the world is. It’s more dangerous now than what it was for us when we were kids. […]

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Mom Reviews

Musings of a Wannabe Gourmet GurgaonMom

Posted on 02 February 2014

Ah! So tomato prices are down to Rs 8 a kg! But why would I care? After all I am a resident of the uber, millennium city, which has grown from jaggery village (Gud-gaon) to Gurgaon and more popularly known as The Gaon, as the glitterati and chatterati say. I would rather go for the […]

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Posted on 25 March 2013

REQUIREMENT OF MAINTENANCE OF BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS While you set up your business with grand fanfare, reaching your dream turnover was just the first milestone, you have already begun to bother about the profitability. Maintenance of financial records is actually a way to know the true and fair position of your business. In reality, it […]

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Pan Asian Recipes

Ginger And Capsicum Fried Rice

Posted on 18 July 2012

Ingredients Steam Rice (200 Gm Raw) 1  Bowl Shreddedd Ginger 5 Gm Bell Pepper (Red & Yellow) 50 Gm Capsicum Green 10gm Chopped Spring Onion 5 Gm Salt to Taste White Pepper 1 GM               Method In a hot wok put some oil add ginger, bell pepper , green […]

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Live, Cherish and Enjoy Life

Posted on 21 August 2014

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In Vitro Fertilisation

Posted on 05 May 2014

Introduction In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a blessing for many couples who cannot conceive through natural conception. The reasons IVF is done include – poor sperm quality and/or quantity, obstructions between the egg and sperm, ovulation problems, and sperm-egg interaction problems. These problems can prevent couples having a baby naturally, and IVF helps to solve […]

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Preschools Gurgaon

Klay Prep School & Day Care Center – Gurgaon

Posted on 18 September 2013

“IF I CAN’T LEARN THE WAY YOU TEACH ME, THEN TEACH ME THE WAY I CAN LEARN” Klay – a chain of high end and high quality preparatory school and day care centre across Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Guntur, Noida and Gurgaon. Klay is the brain child of experienced educationist, teachers and education leaders with extensive experience […]

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Manage your Relationships

Posted on 07 March 2013

Point to Ponder: How did our ancestors manage their relationship? With so many dynamics playing within the joint family system, I am sure it would not have been cake walk for them! Agreed, they did not have the fast paced, stressful life style of our generation but they also did not have the nuclear family […]

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SodaBottleOpenerWala – A Vegetarian’s Verdict

Posted on 26 December 2013

Having spent a good five years in Pune, Iranian cafes were a part and parcel of those glorious years. I say glorious because those were the college years, spent without much or any worry, of sitting idly in cafes thinking of what the future holds, of having little, or sometimes no money, and hence sharing […]

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MatriKiran – Parents Speak

Posted on 15 October 2013

Upasana Luthra says "The first time I visited this school I actually felt welcome as compared to the other schools in Gurgaon.A sense of peace pervaded me and I felt at ease. The aura of positivity in the atmosphere is but evident. We had moved here from Mumbai and my children were 7 years and […]

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Short Stories

I hate my name and the one who named me

Posted on 28 July 2014

I hate my name and the one who named me… On the full moon day in the month of Phalgun, she was born in the capital of UP, i.e., Lucknow. She was hairy yet the fair complexion, almond shaped eyes and the mole right on the nose made her the most beautiful girl in the […]

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Rava Vadai from Ammamma’s [GrandMa] Kitchen

Posted on 07 August 2013

Being home is always special, to add to that if you have two wonderful cooks in your mother and grandmother asking you what you would like for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – you truly are being pampered. On a cloudy Tuesday morning, when the world was busy doing whatever it is it does, my ammama […]

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South Indian Recipes

Milagu Kuzhambu aka Pepper Gravy

Posted on 21 July 2013

As a child I grew up watching my mother cook – the smells, sounds, taste, all so clear in my mind. At the risk of sounding pompous I say that I knew I would be able to cook up a more than average meal when my time came. My mother and her mother (my ammama) […]

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Spiritual & Religious

Awakening Intelligence

Posted on 27 August 2011

  Is intelligence something that is measurable by tests and dictated by genetics? If dictated by genetics what of all those children who are tangibly more intelligent than their parents or anyone else in their family?? Are we what we choose to be in any moment? Is intelligence the degree to which we can expand […]

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Summer Recipes

Delicious Mint Recipes for the Onsetting Summers

Posted on 25 April 2013

  Citrus Mint Cooler Recipe - Serves 10   Ingredients: • 1 cup Orange juice  • 1 cup Lemon juice  • 2 1/2 cup Water  • 2 cup Sugar  • 32 ounces ginger ale  • 10 sprigs Mint    How to make Citrus Mint Cooler: • In a sauce pan, mix lemon juice, orange juice, sugar, […]

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Tamil Recipes

My Kitchen Queen – My Grinder – For the perfect Idlis and Dosas

Posted on 04 September 2013

If your family likes Idli / Dosa this one is a must have. I’m not a great cook, but would surely love to serve fresh healthy food for my family. No matter what or where, my 6 year old loves Dosas to Pizzas anyday. And for good idlis and dosas a grinder is a must […]

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Track Santa

Posted on 24 December 2013

Technology adds fun to the Christmas Find out where in the world your presents are right now with the official Santa Cam at NORAD Santa Tracker 2013 live: Follow Father Christmas's trip around the world at http://www.noradsanta.org/ You can also visit Santa's Village at North Pole. Take a look around the theatre, library or the music stage Google […]

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Eat & Win!

Posted on 13 January 2014

You love eating, don’t you? You want to lose weight – right? You have tried everything – exercising, dieting, skipping meals, etc. etc. etc. It may have worked for some, but not you! Stress is what you found. If this is your story, I urge you to read on. You will be surprised that your […]

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Journey into Paradise- Jammu & Kashmir Dairy

Posted on 18 March 2013

From the Mughals – who called it paradise on earth, to Bollywood films and songs – that romanced it for millions of Indians for ever, and to Bill Clinton- who gave it the dubious distinction of being the ‘most dangerous place on earth’ – picturesque and bountiful Kashmir has always captured visitor’s hearts and imaginations. […]

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Posted on 01 September 2014

Replica watches are famous all around the globe and people just love these watches so plenty,orologi Rolex replica Italia. These are wonderful kinds of clocks which can be acquired on cheap price tags,Replica orologi Rolex. There are several interesting and valuable info regarding these items which make out their significance among other clocks. A few […]

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Work from Home

Make some $$$ from the comfort of your home!

Posted on 05 June 2011

Though we are busy moms and have our own numerous reasons for not getting back to a 9 – 5 job , some of us still have the urge to make the money from the comfort of our home. I have done some research and listed out a few. I have also managed to skim […]

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