6 Salad Recipes with Asian Flavours

I love salads, who doesn’t ? Just mix up a generous amount of salad veggies, top it with some...

Women in the Mahabharata- Kavita Kane in conversation with Kaveree Bamzai

Our ancient land is full of stories – stories of princes and kings, of rivers and demons, of...

Do For Kerala

HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED YET ? Kerala IS reeling under, the worst floods in 50 years. The floods have...

Writing Workshop with Natasha Badhwar, author of ‘My Daughters Mum’; A Review

GurgaonMoms in association with Juggernaut, organised a writing workshop on the 4th of August...

Breaking the glass ceiling key to freeing women of judgment

“But I am happy as a stay-at-home mom, for now. This is a choice that I have consciously made,”...

Meet the Young Crusaders Against Plastic Pollution

We all know that our Earth is in danger with plastic pollution and global warming , we think, we discuss , like and share posts on the social media , but how many of us actually do something about it? Well these 4 young environmentalist enthusiasts Aniket Tripathi (9)...

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Recipe : Sriracha Fried Rice

Asian cuisines are my favourite. They are full of vegetables & meats cooked in a healthy manner and emphasis on grains/rice is less making the meal overall healthier. My favourite comfort food is leftover rice tossed up with vegetables with a sunny-side egg on top....

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Like A Girl @ The Quorum
Sep 30 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Like A Girl @ The Quorum
Join us as we discuss Aparna Jain ‘s new book ” Like a Girl” . Aparna is a Leadership, D & I advocate and now an author. Our member Shweta Markandeya who is also a[...]

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Potion of Love

Sunday morning-son n father duo are availing the luxury of “bass do min aur”sleep.I know that two mins of extra sleep is probably the most soothing stroke of relaxation. I decided to utilize the time and left them both sleeping(like Buddha left his wife ) and drove...


Tale 1 Days pass by easy. It is the nights that crawl by. Changing calendars tell me it has been ten years since the day he didn’t come back home from work as promised. The devilish death kept an unwanted date with him. But the searing pain deep within makes it feel...

Beyond the Call of Duty

Date :August 28 Place:Gurgaon He was stuck like many others on road-courtesy..heavy rains clogging the roads.The sight outside his luxury car was not very pleasant....dirty water spread all over,blocking the traffic...people looking all frustrated and tired sitting...