Preventing Workplace Harassment in a #MeToo World -FB Live with Nirupama Subramanian

#METOO : SEXUAL HARASSEMENT AT WORKPLACE  How can women speak up when the first instance of...

Reclaim Your Life by Shelja Sen: Book Review

Reclaim Your Life : When you begin a book that highlights mental health you anticipate serious...

Dhaba Chicken Recipe

Dhaba Chicken: Indian dhaba style masala chicken Ingredients : 1 whole chicken (cut into 8-12...

Sprocketful Of Memories

#Sprocketfulofmemories Parents cherish many firsts. The first smile, the first word, the first...

Save Aravali Biodiversity Park

It was a great turnout yesterday. More than 1300 concerned Gurgaon citizens came together at the...

Thugs of Hindostan – Movie Review

When I felt royally ‘Thugged’! Why Aamir Khan, why? I have watched every movie of yours at least 3 times…. Some of them, I watch every single time they come on telly! What happened this time? You thought you were getting too old? Kuch toh entertaining karna hai...

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We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children" ~Anonymous Moms, let us get ourselves organized to ensure we bring in as many numbers possible. We have to be in large numbers to be able to make an impact. Destroying the only green...

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Gratitude is the Key

Just a small thing,allow me to share... I was coming back from a recce for a photoshoot..I had splitting headache,some severe hunger seemed all the “mooshak “of Lord Ganesha chose my tummy to dance around...on top of that the most annoying traffic and...

Passing On

Ghazala had just lost her father in an accident and even before she could mourn for him fully, she was married off. All the extended family had started thinking of her as a liability and forced her mother to tie her with the first person who came to see her. Her...

Instant Detox :Be Human

You don’t need to attend the retreats to detox yourself,you need not climb a mountain to be with “with your inner self “ or hug a tree to rediscover yourself need not sacrifice your “grihasth ashrama “ to attain can attain all of this by simply...