Fortis Mamma Mia invited Karisma Kapoor as well as well known Consultant Nutrisionist Ishi Khosla to launch the new book " my Yummy Mummy guide". Authored by Karisma Kapoor this tells the Indian aspect of Conception, Pregnancy and all the myths surrounded by it. 

The book is co authored by Madhuri Banerjee. Karisma gives useful and practical tips on how to lose post baby weight.That is but evident in how svelte she looks. Many suggestions on how to deal with the stress and how to work on the guilt that every mom feels. 
Raising children as well as handling a career that too a film one is no mean task. Karisma said that she makes a regular old fashioned paper and pen list every day of what needs to be done. 
She also claimed to be part Tiger as well as helicopter and a submarine Mom. She says everyday is a learning experience. 
I had the opportunity to introduce our forum " GurgaonMoms " and ask her  this question: "What would be one piece of advice you would give to our Moms regardless of thier age etc?"
Karisma Kapoor replied " Just trust your own instincts.They are the most reliable for your kids." 
The discussion included the pressures felt by mothers today to get back in shape, resume careers as well as play a successful homemaker.
Ms.Khosla said there is always a battle of quality time vs. quantity time. She said that a balanced combination of both is required for a Mom. 
The meeting ended with a wide array of snacks and beverages. 
Fortis Mamma Mia organized the event impeccably.