mother_earthTurn off the lights

Turnoff the water

Re-use, recycle,

I  might not be able to go out there, to preach, educate and make a large scale impact for earth day. But, there are things that I can practise at home to do my bit. I promise :

  • To  not shower or use the bath tub, instead use a bucket or max 2 for my daily bath.
  • To use the right button on the flush
  • To Turn off lights when not in use. I will urge members of my  family to be in one place to use minimal light.
  • To Switch off TVs when not in use. I don’t want more than one TV in my house.
  • To  switch off mains of plug points of chargers, TV, ACs, etc, when not in use. It might not consume electrical units, but I know it emits carbon.
  • To use a small plastic cup for brushing teeth and for my father and husband to shave. We will not let the tap water run.
  • To train my domestic helpers,  to use less water for cleaning. I also promise to keep a tab on them. I know I have to invest a few minutes in this training for the future of our children.
  • To avoid using lights during the day, will optimise the use of sunlight.
  • To use  the aircon only for a few hours at night.
  • To not use  a quilt in an airconditoned room in summers. Cos, I know then, we can never switch off the ACs. We need more oxygen than comforts.
  • To collect and dispose plastics, like icecream tubs, yakult bottles, pet bottles of soft drinks, caps of tetra packs, youghurt tubs, etc to the raddhi wala and not trash it in the trash can.
  • To do my bit to separate bio-degradable and non-bio degradable
  • To plant trees every year and also nurture them.
  • To dispose electrical waste appropriately and not include it with other junk.
  • To carry my own shopping bags.
  • To imbibe, in my son, to care for mother earth.

I pledge to do my bit.