Not sure how people will receive this. But I thought to write my heart out. A couple of very dear friends inspired me to share. 
Home Birthing was more challenging than an institution birth, Socially.
You read it right Home Birth in this era? That was the response we received too from near and dear ones when they heard we were planning to go the home birth way.
Let me take you back to the time when so many things were happening.
I had the option given by hubby to stay either in Goa or Delhi for a comfortable pregnancy where all support and medical facilities were around. Delhi was of course out of question for legit reasons like city Pollution etc.
And Goa, Who wouldn’t want to be in Goa right? Party, enjoy with friends in this Journey I thought the same and chose Goa. Since I took the call and it was final, we thought to visit Delhi and Mountain Home & meet our furr babies then head back to Goa and visit with the baby.
So we came, met family and friends in Delhi, and headed to our Himalayan paradise
Stayed there for some days and suddenly I had a calling to be just here and not go to Goa. Shared with hubby and he supported my thought immediately but inside kehte hain na pairon tale zameen khiskana bas samjho wahi hua tha Miyan ji ke sath  he now had to think a hundred things which he shared later as to how he will manage to take me to a hospital when in labor from a remote village like ours to a city which is 60kms, what if there is some emergency, etc, etc.
I was 3rd month pregnant then and the thought was quite clear to be just in the hills understanding all pros and cons.
I wanted to be in nature with nature in every possible manner, breathe fresh air, wake up with the sunrise and chirping birds and indulge in gardening, eat natural and organic in whatever sense possible and just spend time with myself, hubby, our furries, and nature. This decision was well understood and appreciated by hubby.
After discussing we both decided to pass on life to our baby which he/she will cherish forever and not like I am taking passive smoking every day, partying, being in Goa. He made sure I have everything at place. He was a thorough support 
Kahani itni smooth nahi thi, abhi Bahut kuch baaki hai 
home birthing
A month passed in the mountains, living exactly how I wanted. I had stepped into 2nd Trimester (4th Month), we had some experiences which made both of us realise we would like to consider Homebirth to welcome our baby at the comfort of our home with proper knowledge and taking Midwife with us throughout the journey, meeting her for regular checkups, etc (She is based in Faridabad).
Life changed afterward, in the literal sense.
That was the best decision of our lives. We are really really glad we chose Home Birth for him. I didn’t take any single pill from the 2nd Trimester onwards. Followed an all-natural diet and it did magic like how. By God’s grace delivered a healthy 3.25kg baby Jaidev exactly 6 months back, I am emotional while writing this now.
There were tough days too which only we both know. The journey after 4 months onwards and home birth experience will share soon . Just sharing a very precious part of our journey with you all to celebrate our Gudda’s 6th month Birthday. 

This write-up is my Neha Sameer

Neha is an artist and founder of a community of artists – All About Art. She Spends more than half of her year in the mountains and also runs a Boutique homestay – Dhoop Chaaon in Nathuakhan, Mukteshwar along with her husband who is a renowned Poet. She loves cooking and hosting near and dear ones. An admirer of nature and appreciates everything natural, simple and loving.