It was early morning. I got up without an alarm as I always did. On dot. I was always amazed at this functioning of the body clock.
Usually, I would sit and meditate first then after having my so called bed tea, I would come out in time to watch the rising Sun.

The Sun always fascinated me with its golden glow, it's perfect sphere. Of course, by now, I knew that the Sun did not rise but this sight never made me focus on my own imperceptible movement. I was enthralled by the beauty each day as if I was seeing it for the first time.

Today was different. I do not know why but I just came out first as if a force was beckoning me. As if Nature was calling me. 
It was a force which I had come to recognize in the subtleties of my life.

Things would happen on their own and I would see them happen. The moment I would attach myself to the event, I would lose my awareness and get carried away much like the tsunami, which would take away all that which came on its way. In that moment I would become the energy of the event. Much like a parasitic relationship. This would also happen with people and even with my own self. When I would attach to my own crowd. Then the tsunami would take an inward route.

The moment I would detach myself from the event, then I would realize my own rotation and revolution. I would be able to hear my own heartbeat.
The in, the out.
And in that state, I would become one. 
With the Sun.
For neither do I rise in the east or set in the west.
Neither do I live or die.
I am there.
My own potential energy.
With no need to transform it into kinetic energy.

Coming back to the morning, today I witnessed the early morning Moon.
Whether it was the Sun or the Moon, it was day or night, it was inside or outside, I was beyond this duality.

Now I had to make the multiplicity within me singular.