It had rained heavily. The leaves were all drenched and water was still dripping from them. They had all lost their shape and were huddled together, unable to take the weight of the water droplets.
But they held on. A mild fog had developed giving the scene an eerie look. The water body had swelled trying to make its presence felt. The trees on the other side were not visible to the naked eye anymore.
A lone branch shivered in the cold for it was bare, beckoning to the other bare branch for support. The log stand awaited some footsteps but they were drowned in the silence. Little yellow flowers bloomed momentarily and perished soon.

I stood in one corner watching this whole scene. It seemed right out of my thoughts. For that is what they were at one point in time. Dull, useless, dreary, unhappy, sad, the list was endless. I used to connect to such adjectives whenever I would look out.And find myself to be a loner in this whole world.

But today?
Today was different.
I felt that I was in complete union with the divine. Everything was in its perfect place. No one was waiting for anyone. Nothing had happened before. And nothing was going to happen after. I was just a visitor in this moment who had to see this visual. I was here only to experiment and experience. And interpret. 
For my thought would connect to the existence. 
The existence had nothing to do with me or what I thought.
It was all about me. Of what I did here. Of what I learned.

I was the minuscule dot. Here for a purpose.
And that was to understand.
That I was once the bare limb or the rain drop or the river or the mist.
And that is all.

"I am not what I think.
For there is nothing to think.
I am beyond that hazy view.
Clear and Pure.
I am a speck of the cosmic dust
Which made this Universe.
And gave me the vision.
To see it.
Outside of me.
Inside of me."