Would you like to join me in transforming your home/office via a de-cluttering session?

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that my journey of decluttering has been a very enriching  and gratifying experience for me personally, as not only do I get the opportunity to serve, motivate and inspire so many individuals to take action, I also enjoy the constant ‘wow’ moments once we’ve completed an epic de-cluttering and organization routine. The ‘wow’ moments come in various forms such as wonderful reviews, news of things working out for the individual in a way they never imagined or watching the office energy change completely, with employees taking more personal responsibility for the energy they bring into the space and at times, surpassing expectations. Mostly, even a simple thank you note brightens my day and I feel proud having influenced someone, somewhere that in-turn changed their life in a profound way.

Having dealt with a wide variety of clients, I’ve come to realize that they all have some common traits and characteristics, that make them their own special ‘Clutter-Bugs’ of sorts.  Not surprisingly, each ‘Clutter-Bug’ category warrants a different and unique approach to handling them, as it’s never easy to change behaviors’ or lifestyle choices with the wave of my magic wand. This not only keeps me motivated and challenged but, also drives me to invent creative new ways of working with the various facets of these ‘Clutter-Bugs’, as I take them through the transformational journey and into the clutter-free nirvana state.  

In an effort to get readers more involved and make this an interactive exchange, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite ‘Clutter-Bug’ traits/categories. Let’s see if you can identify which kind of ‘Clutter-Bug’ you are:

  1. The Procrastinator Clutter-Bug:  These Clutter-Bugs love to put things off as they are busy thinking and thinking and re-thinking how they would like to proceed but, rarely actually proceed to take any action
  2. The Bargain Clutter-Bug: It was on sale, it was free…. seriously!?! Time to stop collecting all these wonderful ‘bargains’ that are hindering the energy flow in your space and surroundings
  3. The Abundance Clutter-Bug: Ever bought the same outfit in three different colours or has the thought ‘just in case’ passed through your mind or ever bought things in bulk (huge discounts, right!?!). Unfortunately, keeping large amounts of unused  products around the house is quite unnecessary and it’s probably time to spread the abundance – *hint* donate, recycle, repurpose
  4. The Keepsake and Sentimental Clutter-Bug:  These Clutter-Bugs hold on to practically everything that carries any ounce of sentimental value from tissue paper to their baby blanket. The wedding dress still around even though the marriage ended five years ago? The gift your favourite aunt gave you that you never use?
  5. The Floating Clutter-Bug: "A place for everything and everything in its place." Simple, elegant and easy, right? Not always. Some of your clutter isn't really clutter, it's "stuff" without a home such as mail you have yet to open, books you haven't put on your bookshelf, ‘cause your bookshelf is overflowing with other knick-knacks except for just books or that broken old TV that’s still lying in the corner of your garage
  6. Trash Masquerading Clutter-Bug: Some of the stuff you have lying around your space is really, just stuff that needs to be tossed out and should be fairly simple to banish. Unfortunately, these Clutter-Bugs just let things pile on and grow out of proportion
  7. The Aspirational Clutter-Bug: This Clutter-Bug accumulates to convince themselves (and peeps around them) that they are living the life everyone wants to lead. Usually, this turns out not be the life that they are actually leading, though. Still, have a guitar hanging around, that is rarely strummed? A treadmill that’s holding laundry maybe?

Hope you enjoyed the fun brain-teaser and have figured out what kind of Clutter-Bug you are. Most individuals tend to fall into one or more of these categories making them fascinating and complex Clutter-Bugs. Bet you’re thinking – Where do I start and with what do I start? How does one actually let go of the clutter and so on?

The task at hand can seem fairly daunting; however, working with a professional coach can help you, avoid and navigate the pitfalls that have previously detracted your efforts. Of course, the million dollar question is: Are you ready and committed to transforming your life and welcome a clean fresh tomorrow?