About 4 years ago, my then three-year-old daughter was answering questions posed by her Grandfather. When she couldn’t find a reply to one of the queries, her immediate reply to my father-in-law was “Google it!” So imagine the excitement of finding out that you and your kids get to visit the office that has all the answers. We are talking through the roof, people!

Thanks to the contest run by GurgaonMoms, 20 moms, and their children won the opportunity to visit the Google Office at Gurgaon. We were welcomed with bright balloons and even brighter smiles. The kids were also given beautiful T-shirts to wear throughout the day and we were all whisked away to the cheerful Google Cafeteria for some delicious snacks. With “overfilled” tummies we were briefed about our day and Google’s smart speaker the Google Home.

The Google Home enables users to speak voice commands and interact with services through Google Assistant. It consists of a variety of nifty services such as listening to music, getting news updates, controlling certain home appliances or even reminding one to complete tasks as well as the ability to distinguish between up to six people by voice.

We were divided into two groups and taken to three “experience” rooms to comprehend the multitude of features the Google Home has and how it can bring about change (for the better) to our day to day lives. The first experience displayed how Google Home could help one cook. We were given the task of making a vegetable sandwich by listening to the instructions provided by Google Home. Now, honestly, most of us can manage a sandwich, however, it was refreshing to follow the recipe without having to flip pages or guess quantities. A step by step guide, with a patient taskmaster and suddenly creating complicated culinary delights doesn’t seem so challenging. The stress that my frantic “what do I add now?”, “why isn’t this the right color?” and so on calls bring to my mother would be considerably reduced. Instead, we could be blissfully chatting away about whatever the heck we want!

Moving onwards, we were taken to one of the many perkily done up break rooms at the Google Office. It is no wonder to see the pride the employees have for their workspace. I’d love to go on a break where I could spend my time on a pinball machine or challenge a co-worker to a game of darts.  The second experience showed us that Google knows all. A ball pit was placed in the middle of the room with many different colored balls. Mums had to the spin the wheel which had questions. Google Home was asked that question and once it gave the answer the kids took turns to find the ball which had the correct answer taped to it. Exercising the brain and the body, what more could a parent want? My favorite part was seeing the thrill on the faces of the children whilst interacting with the Google Home. Giggling, doing their best to find the most difficult question or just being plain silly, I witnessed pure and unadulterated joy.

Our next stop was to the 5th Floor and that’s where we saw how the Google Home can also have integrated support for home automation, letting users control smart home appliances with voice commands.  I couldn’t help but think in a rather deep and booming voice; “One device to rule them all!” Apologies Sir Tolkien but Artificial Intelligence just got real for me! From playing your favorite show or song to switching the lights off (think about those cold nights when you don’t want to get out of the warm embrace of your blanket), just by the command of your voice. Clearly, the thought of someone/something listening to me in my home without repeated reminders which start out polite and end up sounding like a lunatic’s rant has me thrilled.

Rahul and Shivika, the extremely helpful and patient Google employees, took our team on a tour of the Google Office. We saw the fully equipped gym, library, massage rooms, picturesque terrace garden, bunk beds and yes those much-awaited sleeping pods with a built-in massager. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to work from home!

A surprise was organized for all of us, a game of musical chairs for the children. However, Google Home was in charge of this activity and once the command was given the kids were on the go. With funny instructions like hop on one leg or break dance, while you circle the chairs, the children and grownups were completely amused. Winners of this game and the lucky draw mommy winner each received a mini Google Home as their prize. A magnificent way to end a memorable day.

After an enjoyable lunch, all the kids received a splendid goody bag and my brood couldn’t wait to go home and tell their Dad about the day they went “a Googling”!

Feature Image Source: Google