As Maya got back from work, she caught a whiff of him in her house even before she had opened the gate. Her brow furrowed in irritation she stepped in and tried to sneak into her room without having to look at him. She couldn’t understand her mom’s fascination with him and why her dad would let him in all the time. He would be there at odd hours, on absolutely any day… luring her towards him… with his rich, sweet disposition! Oh, what should she do! Her younger brother was crazy about him and couldn’t get enough of him at any point. Even her grandma didn’t understand her emotions and even had the temerity to suggest that seeing him occasionally, wouldn’t hurt her! Was her family completely mad… stark raving mad!

She had vowed never to see him again, never to let her guard down. She knew he was not good for her. She knew he would hurt her yet again. She had struggled hard and long… Oh, what a long and lonely battle it had been! She had tried to undo the damage he had wrecked on her physically and emotionally. All through her school years, he had tortured her. She couldn’t make friends, couldn’t meet the eyes of her peers, was always singled out as being the oddball due to her connection to him. Were all those years of torment not enough for him… for her family… for everyone???

Only the past year or so had she been able to take the reins of her life in her own hands. She had completely stopped meeting him and spent hours working out in the gym, running, jogging, swimming… anything to let off steam… anything to let out the frustration!

And yet he was here again today,

sitting bang in the middle of her sitting room,

daring her to look at him…

seducing her with his dark, smooth good looks…

coaxing her to take a bite!!!!


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