In our everyday lives? ?and I’m sure that students can agree?,creating a habit is pretty difficult. (unless you count the bad ones like nail biting, which I’m sure was purely by accident). And there are still plenty of distractions that can still take us off course. The main tip I would offer is to make goals and break them down into smaller bits.
Everyone has the ultimate goal that they want to achieve, whether it is running a marathon, losing weight, writing a book, or something else that they wish to achieve. But breaking down your goal into what seems like the minimum amount of work would help you make your goal a reality because you are doing it every day.
So, all we ask is to make habits of all the things we mentioned here :
1. Time Management during preparation as well as for attempting the exam
Managing your break times and study time is a crucial point. Your score might be affected if you are tired or late to the exam hall (You might not get an entry if you are late).
2. Understanding the concept might seem long to you but that will keep that knowledge with you for long and it will make it easier for you to understand the question even if it has been rephrased.
3. Making small pointers gets your picture memory to remember it & it makes you break down a concept to learn it better.
4. Prioritize chapters that have more marks distribution in exams. So, you can gather most of the marks in exams.
5. Learning writing techniques will help you complete answers in the question paper quickly, making it easier to make time for other questions that require additional time.
6. Learn how to attempt answers in exams. Attempt the ones you know first so that you do not waste time on the answers that you don’t even know.
7. Mock tests help you prepare on the types of problems that usually come in exams.
8. Understand the marking scheme to prepare your schedule for your exams preparations.
9. You have to adapt to the exam-like condition so that you don’t get cold feet during exams.
10. Making notes help you get the overall view of the chapter. It helps you understand what that chapter contains and highlight the  important points in the chapter.
11. Good food habits are something you need to take care of, for life. So, avoid junk food.
12. A focused mind needs less effort to understand something than a distracted mind.
13. Meditation and light music might help you focus.
14. Being confident is the key, not just for exams , but in life in general.
15. A good rest is always required when you have to perform big .So, keep in mind to sleep well.