Change is the only constant. To change your life, you need to change your mindset.

This is something that Monisha Narang truly believes in. She is a voice-over artist, model, actor, author, Mindset, and Relationship Coach and manages it all beautifully. Monisha had recently shared that she is the voice of the new Hyundai car,  we  found it very inspiring and interesting and connected with her to know more about her life’s journey 


Congratulations Monisha on being the voice of the new Hyundai Talking App. Can you please share your experience?

I’ve voiced for quite a few Hyundai Talking App models- Tucson, Elantra, i20, Venue, Creta, Alcazar, Verna, N Line, and more. Having done that, I actually feel like I am in the driving seat of my life, steering it in the direction of my dreams. I landed voicing projects for Hyundai as well as Honda. Felt surreal listening to my own voice in English and Hindi from inside the car, guiding me, i.e. the driver, when I took a Honda out of the showroom for a test drive. Haven’t tried a test drive with Hyundai as yet, but I’m sure it will feel great too. Kehtey hain na ki Halwaai apni Mithaai kabhi nahin khata, so I haven’t taken it out on a test drive yet. Haha.  Is there an age limit to become a voice-over artist? Any tips for those especially our GurgaonMoms members who want to pursue this as a career. No, there is no age limit to become a Voice Artist as long as you don’t breathe heavily into the mic. My tip would be to read aloud with all kinds of modulations. Don’t be scared of experimenting. Don’t sound fake with your accent. If you are not comfortable with English, chuck it. There are many regional Voice Artists in the country these days. Try your hand at the language you are good at. You should be able to read clearly and in a good flow. Your voice should have clarity. Your pronunciation needs to be excellent. What’s your dream voice-over role? Dubbing a Bollywood film/TVC with Amitabh Bachchan dubbing his own part in the same studio. If I don’t swoon seeing him, I might just make it through the recording. I’ve met him twice, but it’s not enough. Yeh Dil Maangey More 🙂


You are a voice-over artist, model, actor, author, Mindset, and Relationship Coach. How did you get into so many fields? How do you manage these multiple careers and what is it that you love doing the most? Also, has your family always supported you in your career choices?

I was in the Civil Services working with the British government in London for about a decade. We relocated to India in 2009 with our two little daughters. I took a 5 years career break, thinking we would be returning to London in 2014. In the meantime, whilst I was busy settling down to everything new here, I thought of using my voiceover skills acquired whilst I had been in India. My first radio spot had been with Palash Sen by bunking one of my Consumer Behaviour classes during my M.B.A days for some quick pocket money. More radio spots had followed whilst I worked in Advertising back then. I auditioned and started freelance work for BBC Media Action and Fever 104FM. I got into Theatre and performed eight shows of a Premchand play at Sriram Centre of Arts. I anchored a Travel Show for Doordarshan. I went for a voicing audition to ANI but when they got to know that I had anchored for Doordarshan, they wanted me to audition for News Anchoring. They put on a blazer and some make-up on me and took an audition on the spot, and I made it through that too. I presented News based programs to the U.S and U.K audiences for about 3 years. Basically, in my life, one thing has led to another. News Anchoring paved the way for acting in TVCs and Bollywood.

My family has been a big support. Whenever I had to step out for a voiceover or a shoot, my husband and my parents pitched in for childcare of our daughters since they were little. My mother-in-law would come in from Jaipur and help out during very busy and chaotic work periods whenever I needed her. Am ever grateful to both sets of parents for pitching in for childcare even when I worked full time in London.

Writing started with my writing funny poetry for my friends on their birthdays. Then I wrote short stories for my children whenever I wanted to get them to learn something or drop some habit of theirs. I remember writing on nose picking as well because one of my girls went through that yucky phase of picking her nose, and I got rid of it just by reading out that story to her at least ten times. It inspired me to write short poems for children to inculcate good habits without it sounding like gyaan to them. Poetreat:Enriching Creative Young Minds is an amalgamation of all my subtle teachings to children like not being on the phone for too long, reading more, being honest, saying no to plastic, etc. My second book, ‘The road to Gratitude’ has just been published. Both books are available for purchase on Amazon.

I got into Coaching because I did not want to be just another pretty face. I wanted to contribute to the society and help others help themselves by transforming their mindset and life. I did not want to be an Aunty giving unsolicited gyaan to everyone. So I went back to school, educated myself, went through the whole coaching process myself, experimented on myself to see if it works. Since it worked wonders for my own growth trajectory, I went ahead, studied some more and received my certification as a Life Transformation and Relationship Coach.

I love my work, all of it. But if I am to take a pick, I would say I am very passionate about Voicing and Writing, probably because they are both a form of expression.


You have acted in Bollywood movies as well. How awesome is that? Our members would love to know how you got into films and the names of the movies.

I started facing the camera when I was asked to host a travel show for Doordarshan. I was doing Theatre as well back then. Then I went on to read the news for ANI. I once received a call from a production house asking me to come in for an audition for Tata Sky. Having passed that, I acted in 3 episodes of Tata Sky Active English, which opened the world of television commercials, digital films, and print/digital ads for me. I have acted in a number of TVCs like Edelweiss (with Saina Nehwal), PNB, Alere, Lifestyle, HCL, Income Tax, Swachh Bharat, Mirinda Release the Pressure with Mr. Shoojit Sircar, Antara Senior Living Homes, and more.

I have acted in four Bollywood films – Rajma Chawal with the late Mr. Rishi Kapoor, Parmanu with Boman Irani, October with Varun Dhawan, and Phullu with Sharib Hashmi. All are short roles but then again, role toh role hota hai.

Being THE ONE to have been chosen out of the millions from our population and the experience of working with some great names is priceless.


Tell us about your latest book that you are co-authoring

The book is called ‘The Road to Gratitude’. I am co-authoring it with 7 other Life Transformation Coaches. This is my debut as an Editor. As it is my friends consider me an English teacher because I keep correcting their spellings and pronunciations. SSShhh – I am getting better at ignoring their mistakes – I promise you that haha). My first book was a poetry book for children (called Poetreat: Enriching Creative Young Minds), and this time I wanted to write something for grownups to share some of my life experiences and what I have learned as a Coach. I really wish that the readers benefit from it.

If you could travel back in time and deliver some words of advice to your younger self what would that be?

Be confident. Don’t seek validation. Do what your heart desires. Men and women are equal. Don’t be scared of any situation. You always have a choice. Seek Clarity wherever you find it lacking. Keep learning throughout your life. You are enough

Any interesting work experience that you want to share?

During the filming of October, in between shots, I was chatting with Varun Dhawan and Shoojit Sircar Sir. Varun told me he thought I was actually a doctor when I shot with him in my role as a Physiotherapist. They were listening very keenly on how I relocated to India and got into the media industry despite being an M.B.A and an ex-Civil Servant of the British government in London. I got to practice my Bengali with Shoojit Sir as well as this was my second shoot with him.

Rishi Kapoor Sir was a force to reckon with. Whilst shooting for Rajma Chawal, there was a scene wherein I had to offer sweets to him. He looked right into my eyes and said “Nahin main mithaai nahin khaata. Mujhey Diabetes hai.”, and it was so real that I forgot that the camera was on and that he was actually acting. I ended up thinking he really had diabetes.

Any quote that you believe in?

 Change is the only constant. To change your life, you need to change your mindset.