Most of us want to take off our bra when we get home. We dread the humidity because wearing a bra during humid season feels like a punishment. 

But is this what it should feel like? Absolutely not! It should not feel tight or lose. You should feel secure in it, not uncomfortable. 

We decided to speak with Rashi Seth, an intimate wear expert, about this.

And my first question to her was, What all brands do you have?”

Her reply was, “This is a wrong question you are asking!” 

Well we had a super interesting conversation about this. 

But today, we will talk about on how to get teenagers to start with the right bra

As per Rashi, breast development is not discussed with children in detail. Because of so much sexualization of breasts, the children and the parents are finding it uncomfortable talking about it in detail. 

Breasts are a targeted sexual body part, the stigma is so prominent. So much so, that we tell our daughters to hang our undergarments in private. This stigma needs to be taken out from the parents’ mind first.

There are so many illogical myths around ‘wearing a bra’ like, don’t start wearing a bra too young, as it will make your breasts develop too quickly, or don’t jump or play around as it will also make your breasts develop too quickly. 

The fact is, the moment you feel that your child’s breasts are developing, your child will need light support bra. A beginner’s bra is important and it is needed at the time when the development starts.

You should start the bra conversation when you see that the breast development is starting. Every child develops differently and there is not fixed age when the development starts. For some children, breast development can start as early as 8 years. Start talking about change in garment and then start talking about change in body shape.


A child can start from a training bra

  • It should be adjustable and breathable
  • Look for side support
  • No sports bras.-they do not provide side support. 

Every body does not take the same bra. Because every body is different.

Unfortunately, the bra industry does not market children’s bra at that level. A right bra for your daughter is very important.

  • There should be comfort, support and it depends on what kind of outer clothing does your child wear
  • There should be a considerate amount of testing and trying before finalising the right bra for your daughter.

When we can search extensively for other things for your children, like sports shoes, then why can’t we put an effort into finding a right bra

  • Learn to go by cup size
  • If the skin is bulging out from your bra, then it is a wrong size
  • If it is digging on your shoulder, then it is a wrong size
  • If there are red marks on your skin after removing the bra, then you are wearing a wrong size

Some parents make the kids feel that wearing a bra will sexualise the minds of others. We need to stop talking like this so that our children can embrace this phase of their life gracefully and naturally. Make this journey fun and not something they should be ashmed about. 

Every child is unique and make them believe in themselves. Most times body shaming starts from home. If you believe in your child, your child will believe in herself…!! 


Rashi is the founder of ‘Kiraka‘ that fits and sells intimate wear located at Omaxe Celebration Mall on Sohna Road, Gurgaon.
Prior to this, she was a part of the corporate world, and her career spans for around 25 years. She has been a part of organizations like Enamor where where she launched a nightwear brand Inaya, Triburg Consultants Pvt.Ltd, Orient Craft , Gokal Das Pvt Ltd. to name a few .