My children were after my life to get them a pup. They had even selected the breed and wanted a Lhasa Apso. I was working full time and the kids would be at school plus they had loads of after school activities. "So who would take care of the pup?",was my question to them.

With two sets of hands around my neck and promises to do everything for the new member, I was literally smothered into letting them have their way.

All promises went out of the window pretty soon and I was left with litter everywhere, chewed up sofas, my new pair of boots and what not. Any amount of shouting had no effect on them. They would say that they will do it, but to no avail.

Frustrated and at the end of my patience level, I set some rules. The pup would have to be taken for a walk every day by turn, the feeding schedules would have to be adhered to and the most important one, that the poop would have to be picked up.

My plan went smoothly for only four days. And the reason was that they were counting the number of times the pup pooped. Their counting would differ and the poop would keep lying.

I also became stricter and told them categorically that if they will not do it, then no one will. Also, if it stayed for more than a day, we would have to give away the pup. It was a responsibility that I was not willing to take at all.

To help them I agreed to provide the meals for the day. After a few days, I was amazed to see the change in my children. They would make their weekly schedules and work at their own pace. But things would get done and one day, our little new member got a name.

Which was Snoopy Kifi Singh and this bundle of joy became the apple of our eyes very soon.

Snoopy taught me and my children the important lessons of sharing, caring, laughter and bonding. And of course, unconditional love.

It was, after all, a very wise decision to keep a pet.