Suddenly all the locked doors open. Everything once again is in the public view. Neighbors stand peeking from their doors with a question mark on their faces. Many others with whom you never exchanged any eye contact stand on their balconies, a look of glee on their faces. For they would get the parking for their extended family.
Multiple sizes of cartons, assorted bottles, stuff which one did not know existed inside the boundary walls, memories new and old, nice and not so nice plus the sadness of leaving my beautiful trees behind. It is another matter that they were there much before me, yet I had come to own them or they had owned me.
Another place. New memories.
Time to let go the old and embrace the new.
Bitter sweet life. Duality in everything.
The fallen seasonals, the hedges which will remain, the emptiness looking desolate.
" Where to go
And from where
What is mine anyways
Just a handful of sky
Over my roof
Or a handful of me
Under it"