Just a small thing,allow me to share…
I was coming back from a recce for a photoshoot..I had splitting headache,some severe hunger pangs…it seemed all the “mooshak “of Lord Ganesha chose my tummy to dance around…on top of that the most annoying traffic and traffic sense of Gurgaon was driving me crazy…….
I am usually a very patient person but because of my headache and cramps I was feeling a little miffed…
As usual I started doing some loud thinking-mostly cribbing while sitting behind the wheel of a reasonably comfortable car with AC turned on…….

A guy riding a makeshift cart caught my attention…..he seemed to have lost his right limb…the sleeve of the shirt gave the glimpse of a stumped limb….yet he had a smile on his face and he was enjoying the music playing on a transistor tied to the cart….goes without saying .there had been no AC-the air around him was not conditioned /favourable…..hence this guy conditioned himself to create favourable air around him……

I felt very small about my cribbing …..at that point…I thanked god for the blessings…and bowed down to this guy…who was completely unaware that he had just transformed a cribbing woman to a happy lady….-kathachitram by Shailja

(Couldn’t help writing about this as soon as I entered home…although the resolution of the pic is not good as it is a cell phone click but it conveys my sentiment )

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