It was a fun filled evening. The batch of 2005 was meeting after a year. The atmosphere was informal and since everybody knew everybody else, conversations flowed like the bubbly.

As always,Srijita sat in a corner unable to participate,either in the senseless talk or in the competition of taking vodka shots. She had thought that maybe this year would be different. But it was turning out to be yet again a boring get together. She had vowed mentally for the umpteenth time that she will not come for this ever again.

Feeling stifled in the closed hall with the loud music,she went out for a breath of fresh air. But the terrace was also filled up with groups out for a smoke.

Trying to find a corner yet again,she sat on the top of an unused tank.Anjali was sitting there,oblivious to her surroundings,just gazing at the night sky.Soon some pleasantries were exchanged. Though both of them were from the same batch,they did not know each other well as the streams had been different.

When the minutes turned into hours,they did not realize. It seemed that they had known each other for ages. They had the same love for music,they liked to travel,visit museums and wear funky jewelry.

They started to meet every other day and suddenly the dull evenings had a spark to them. 

In their early thirties now,they had been recluses till date. So this camaraderie was like a godsend for both of them. 

Srijita had to go back to Germany where she had enrolled in her PhD program and Anjali was working here in Delhi.

It was time to say goodbye for now and they promised each other that they will talk daily.For there was still so much left to share and these two months had not been enough. It felt that this was something that both of them had been missing in their lives. Someone to talk to, someone to whom they could relate to.

At the airport,without paying attention to the crowd around them,they sealed their fate forever.