GurgaonMoms observed 'World Mud Day's with Godrej Protekt. We asked our members if they had a pic of their kid playing in mud? Even better if they are also playing along! 

While we mothers are paranoid about cleanliness, sometimes it’s good to get your hands dirty… it does not just make your child dirty but happier, they bond well, connect with nature (in case of mud), smarter because it improves their cognitive skills and a lot more. 

So let’s all spend some time with our children to get our hands dirty. Of course we can always clean up at the end of the activity. 

So how can we provide opportunities for kids to play in the mud? For some ideas look at the amazing pictures shared by our members

Pic Credit: Rashmi Grover Das

Pic Credit : Monika Dhir

Pic Credit : Upasana Dahiya

Pic Credit : Sapna Karnwaludaiwal

Pic Credit: Nupur Agarwal Bhagat

Pic Credit : Sounderya Singh 

Pic Credit : Monica Ajmera Bang

Pic Credit : Anita Singh

Pic Credit : Shefali Malhotra

Pic Credit : Urmi Mukherjee

Pic Credit: Lvanika Parti

Pic Credit: Shivani Bhasin Yadav

Dr Vandana Thakran

Pic Credit: Khyati Babani

Pic Credit: Pallavi Singh

Pic Credit: Pooja Malhotra

Pic Credit: Jagdeep Bajwa

Pic Credit:Anshu Arya

Pic Credit : Anindita Kar Roy 


We would like to thank all our members for sharing these beautiful pictures and we hope more parents would encourage children to play in the mud and create memories to cherish forever