It was a trial so last year I decided, that from my money in my account I will transfer 1000 rupees each to my both daughter's account. They are 10 and 12. I gave them ATMs, instructed them that whatever and however you need to buy for ur daily school things u buy from it, I will take u to the market whenever you want but I will not enquire, won't even question why have you spent or whatever…u want to save , spend all, you wish… Though I used to keep an eye that if they need more than that they should not be under pressure….and I always use to get the bank alerts on my mobile.
Two days back I was just casually saying, "Oh god! Both black and white shoes for you and even for you, another 5k?. Where my younger one says," Mama swipe my card I have 10k in my account and elder one says I also have 7k." 

I even came to know from other children , they keep on doing , some small little things like feeding bread, milk, egg to dogs etc at times.
Really "one mission successful"
I was so happy that they could budget their finances, control, save, spend, splurge , Everything on their own.
I am so proud of you Rayna and Abhya!!!