The 21st century is all about going global, and it is not just a passing trend. As millennial parents, we are more conscious than ever of the importance of making our children equipped with social skills to thrive in a diverse environment. We are no longer nurturing future citizens of our country but individuals who will have to work across the globe with an immensely heterogeneous population. Study abroad will provide your child the unique opportunity to experience diversity, meet different cultures, and gain insight from peers coming from all corners of the world. The educational journey will surely be one of a kind that will transform your child’s life exactly the way you would dream of it. Here are the benefits of studying abroad with culturally diversified students:

Gain valuable insights: Studying abroad, your child will be sharing the same learning platform with students coming from different countries. They will be interacting as room-mates, collaborating as peers and bonding with similar interests and hobbies. Your child through his/her personal connection will be exposed to different ways of life and rituals. He/she will understand the meaning of each of them in their socio-cultural context. No amount of reading or hearing from others will have the same impact as experiencing it live.

Widen perspective: When the horizon expands, so does our vision. Study abroad will broaden your child’s world as he/she gets to form acquaintances with individuals of different nationalities, communities and diverse outlook. It will be a learning experience every moment. Be it solving a complex problem in class or coping in a new place, your child will gain multiple perspectives on any situation. It will break the barriers of the mind and cut him/her free from inhibitions based on misconceptions. Your child will be a skilled problem solver, a proactive learner, an out of the box thinker and an empathetic person.

Appreciate diversity: As your child will be knowing individuals from different demography and have a deeper insight into different lifestyles, he/she will understand the richness and beauty of the differences. He/she will not only be inquisitive about new ways of life and ideas but readily acknowledge diversity without being discriminating. This attitude will help your child grow into a sensitive and responsible individual. The ability to respect and give space to others will reward him/her with contentment in his personal and great success in his professional life.

New found admiration for own tradition: Contrary to the notion that study abroad makes one distanced from one’s own culture and traditions, you’ll be surprised to see how much your child appreciates everything about home and family. As much as he/she will get exposed to diverse kinds of people, he/she will understand the core values of tradition that makes one distinct from another and attributes unique identity. From traditional attire to food, rituals to festivals, your child will celebrate every occasion with renewed vigour.

Increase adaptability and flexibility: To feel at home out of your familiar surroundings is no small task. One takes years to develop the skill to adjust in diverse environments. However, an early exposure in life to diversity will help your child acclimatize himself/herself according to situations and places. When working with a heterogeneous group of peers on any project, he/she will encounter various aspects pertaining to work culture, ethos, and perspectives. He/she will naturally learn to be in sync with other team members, and build a healthy work environment.

Know someone, everywhere: Your child will have a motley group of friends and acquaintances spread out over all geography. He/she will have a steady source of latest information, happenings and updates on global affairs, geopolitical issues, economic changes etc. Be it planning a vacation, an official trip or exploring new professional ventures, your child’s network will act as his/her guide. Imagine, the convenience of being eagerly received by an old friend from university when your child visits a distant land for work or pleasure.

Make for a great leader:  A leader is one who is free from biases, acknowledges talent, and finds unity in diversity to establish an atmosphere of trust and understanding among his/her team. Study abroad will enable your child to acquire qualities that we look for in a leader. He/she will have a way to manage people from diverse backgrounds, understand their point of view, build rapport based on mutual respect and drive them towards a common goal.

Study abroad has more than one implication in one’s life. As part of a diversified educational world, your child will always be on an amazing learning curve that would build his/her confidence, enlighten him/her about his/her own capabilities and reward him/her with valuable life lessons. Your child will emerge as a well-rounded personality empowered with the skills to become the global citizen of tomorrow.

Feature Image Source: Good Life Family Magazine