People with determination are those who get up and keep going, who believe in themselves despite all obstacles. The difference between subsequent success and failure can be a true sense of determination. Our member Tripti Singh is a true example of this as she has proved that a woman with a strong will can clearly achieve what she wants with the help and support of like-minded people.Tripti is the founder and initiator of Ghoomar-Twirl With Grace, an event that celebrates Ghoomar- a traditional dance form from Rajasthan.

I got the opportunity to speak with Tripti about Ghoomar and what was the thought process and idea behind starting this annual event that has now become very popular across many cities in India.

After moving back from London, Tripti wanted to bring this cultural dance form from Rajasthan to Gurgaon. However, it took her around 3-4 years to plan and execute the same.Ghoomar is usually performed within the Rajput community but Tripti was determined to bring this beautiful and colorful dance form out of Rajasthan so that the women from other communities too could experience the dance, the costume, and the culture.Finally, in August 2016, the first event was organized at The Leela, Gurgaon which was attended by more than 150 women.It has been no looking back since then and they soon did similar events in September in Udaipur which had over 100 participants, in December they were in Indore that was attended by more than 450 women and the last one in July 2017 in Jaipur which had around 300 participants.Ghoomar –Twirl with Grace is back again in Gurgaon after 1.5 years and it is happening on 7th April at The Crowne Plaza

“The idea is to give the essence of the traditional dance form, not just about Rajputs but the authenticity of Rajasthan because what we see in movies is not the actual dance form. To show them how it is done, how to wear the traditional attire-Poshak, how to live that culture. So we dedicate one day to Ghoomar”


The experience has been amazing for Tripti. For every event, she has local co-hosts as it is easier to manage everything.This event has now become larger than life over the years as Ghoomar was not being performed openly but after their first event, there are many women who have started organizing similar events.It truly is a proud moment for Tripti as many women now are stepping out of their comfort zone and bringing this amazing dance form out of their family functions and celebrate it as a festival itself with the world.

It has not been a smooth journey as Tripti has faced criticism and anger from some of the male members of her community as Gohhomar is a traditional ladies only event with only the singers being from the male fraternity.She still faces these obstacles and if often questioned about the need to publicize their culture.

“I am very determined to bring Ghoomar to all communities and don’t want this dance form to be restricted to Rajputs” 

However, she has also received tremendous support and appreciation once she started this event as people believed in her vision and determination. Their videos have been viewed in lakhs on YouTube.The videos have been shared across all social platforms and the positive feedback has surpassed the criticism.The event has become a festival in itself.Whoever is interested in learning the dance form, follow the traditional dress code ‘Poshak’ and wants to celebrate the idea of Ghoomar can be a part of this event.

“I don’t believe in calling any VVIP’s for the event as then the focus shifts from the event to attending them. For me, all the wonderful women who are part of the event are the VVIPs.”

Tripti and her team are now taking this idea to another level and are in the process of forming a foundation of Ghoomar From Live Langas from Rajasthan to guest artists, Ghoomar –Twirl with Grace would now be more extravagant and may soon be hosted in Gujarat and Pune this year.

Here’s a glimpse of the this extravagant event

If you wish to be  a part of the event click on the link mentioned

Ghoomar-Twirl With Grace


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