Life, through my own ashes!

When I look back, not far enough though, I find knives in my back, the last one by my own mother.

Betrayal of sorts… I started my fight even before I was born, inside my mother’s womb, when she tried to kill me in the hope of having a son but was disappointed when got to know about me, 

I survived… 

At every stage of life, I was told I was unwanted, and the cherry on the cake was that I was better than my brother, in everything, and my mother hated me even more.

After fighting for years, which involved abuse – physical, mental, and emotional, I turned into a young girl who hardly felt anything. I met a guy at the age of 19 and tried to change my life.

He was my only friend, who listened to even my silence and I fell in love with him…. after 6 years of courtship we got married, against all odds… 

On the day of my bidai, I saw him kissing his brother’s sister-in-law as soon as I reached my Sasural.

Shattered again, I didn’t know how to deal with it… days passed, months passed and years and a decade. He had more than 10 affairs that he shamelessly accepted in our 10 years of marriage and in total 17 yrs of relationship… I took a stand and divorced him.


In all this, I lost my career.

Started again, took a job with hardly a salary, and moved on… parents, brother… were hardly there.

When I was called for an export house in Indore I hesitated, but it was a better opportunity and a handsome salary. I left Noida with my son…best 2 yrs of my life. I still helped my brother financially… in lakhs and he kept promising he will return.

Pandemic made me jobless.

Last December I was staying with my parents. After squeezing all my money, they asked me to leave. I left the house with some cash, didn’t know what to do.

I kept trying. 

Started again, I was called back to Indore again and now I will again have those best years of my life.

People love me here.

I thought about quitting, but then I noticed who was watching

Shikha Agarwal, IS a mother of 11 yr old boy, from Jhansi staying in Indore working in an export house as a Business Head for Waste and Surplus Management.
The only thing that sets HER apart is that she just does not give up and always believes in getting up stronger than when she was knocked down.
Her message for the world…“My story isn’t over yet.”

Editor’s Note

It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again. – Anonymous

Sometimes people who matter, hurt us and it hurts a lot because they matter. This is a story of a girl who refused to give up, even when her world turned upside down.

Dear Shikha,
In spite of what happened in your life, you are still looking forward to those happy times that you once had. You are looking at the bright side and that’s what makes your story inspiring.
Lots of love!

Here is a story of survival and strength – LIFE, THROUGH MY OWN ASHES

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