People tell me that I’m blessed with a good body and that they won’t get even close to what I look like !! Feels good to hear that I’m blessed.. but I must point out that though I know I’ve been beautiful like any walking lady on this earth, I had to fight my own demons to get to what I look like today.

I had been a studious physics honors dork who used to mug up everything to keep her grades up and in turn ate food like a baby dinosaur to keep focussed. I thought of myself as fat and ugly (which my brother still maintains) but did not do anything to change how I looked. My mom was worried though!

It was then when I started getting shoulder and chest pains due to my increasing weight (which no one knew back then) that I decided to start exercising! I forced to eat raw food and in have food in controlled portions. It was so tough for a lazy ass like me. But health concerns are to be taken seriously.
In 2016, though quite hesitant, I joined Mrs. India Homemakers and with that, I started controlling my eating habits & avoided junk more. Slowly and steadily today I’m what I dared my body to be! I love exercising now but I still love the jerk who ate up everything to keep her head concentrated on studies.

So friends… if you think anything can be achieved.. then damn right you can! Don’t give up on yourself… believe in yourself and work out well! Love yourself and teach the world good things . Oh and also choose the right Life Partner like I did!!

It is never easy to actually lose weight until and unless we don’t lose that increased weight-panic from our head. Majority of women get prone to self-loathing or depression because of our increasing weight which does not cease to go away so easily, especially after we cross our 30s and started parenting.
I also struggled my way out from a depressive self which was instigated by my massive weight gain. My deepest regret in life is that I looked 10kg heavier than what I’m today in my wedding pics. If that could not be the end of the world, I’m a total foodie.

How did I lose the extra 10 kg in 6 months?

1. Made up my mind that I need to lose 10 kg in 6 months. I explained myself that weight loss cannot happen in a day or a week. I will need patience and a strong mindset. That is my main mantra to date.
2. Broke the figures into smaller achievable targets – in my case, it was 1.5 kg per month
3. Cut down on my intake of tea from 5 cups to 2 then to 1 cup a day. (this process took 2 weeks)
4. Added a lot of water to cleanse my system and prepare my body for fit body. I started having 1 full glass of lukewarm water every morning. It was difficult at first, especially during Delhi heat, but later on, it became a helpful technique to ease my bowels. One good source of detox was the detox water which I used to make out of lemon, cucumber, pudina and ginger.
5. I cut down on my junk (not entirely though). Initially, I took Thursday and Saturday as my cheat days. Then stooped to maintaining Sundays as a cheat day (come what may)
6. I started doing Yoga pretty much every morning or in the evenings. 10 mins meditation and 10 rapid Surya Namaskar are a must in my life as it calms my nerves and makes me fit for the day.
7. I used to out on MTV while I got ready for office and dance to the tunes to keep my pump up.
8. Got myself enrolled in weight training. I never work out for more than 1 hour 15 minutes. My weight training work out regime includes: 5 mins warm up, 20 minutes cardio, 20 mins weights, 10 mins stretch and 10 mins cool down.
9. 30 mins before work out, I would have a shot of black coffee (sugarless) to make me active.
10. I added a lot of proteins, fruits, and veggies to my diet. I say no to protein powder.
11. I don’t give a damn to other, but I sleep 8 hours a day.

I still stick to my regime of Good food (mainly home cooked) – Detox water- 1 cheat day- Regular but controlled workout- Evening/Morning yoga- dance binging while getting ready for office – 8 hours sleep

This regime not only keeps me healthy but also happy and contended from within. A happy wife- Happy Life 😛 (pun intended)

Contributed by 

Ankita Borthakur

Speaker~Blogger~Personality Groomer~Social Activist~Queen of Earth Mrs. International 2018-Winner 2017 at Mrs India home makers-Finalist 2017 at MRS UNIVERSE 2017

Winner Mrs South West Asia at Mrs South Asia 2017