What are the major challenges faced by the single parent while raising their kids?

Raising a child independently in spite of support of family becomes one such challenge that requires a lot of mental toughness and positive attitude towards life. Few of the biggest roadblocks are financial strangulation, loneliness, unwanted questions from so called society to young child and emotional stress. The situation is just like a coin which has two differences faces each side. Here, at one side, the parent feels very confident of raising her/ his own child on their own, making their own choices and living their lives their way; but, the other side brings excruciating pain of loneliness, dejection, anxiety and uncertainty.

There are number of people who chose or are forced (by nature) to live life as single parent. Here are few good practices which can be helpful as a single parent.

Be Financially Independent

This is one such topic which appears in almost all the relationships with spouse or without spouse. It’s better to have your own source of income irrespective of your family background or alimony or anything else. Being financially independent gives you and your child freedom to live life your way. Nowadays, there are lots of options as a career to choose like being a blogger, YouTuber, storytelling and what not.

Dealing with Emotional Stress

We all human beings need someone very trusted to confide in and usually this person is a spouse. It makes us feel loved, taken care of and our hormones are balanced when we physically and mentally engage with someone we love and trust. The absence of such person abruptly or unwillingly creates a lot of turbulence in otherwise stable and happy going life and this, at times, becomes more difficult when you’re having a kid to take care of.

There are few ways we can manage this stress:

  • Come out of your comfort zone. We have a tendency of not meeting people, crying in loneliness and pretend to be happy in front of others. Just be yourself, no need to punish yourself for something which was beyond your control
  • Look at the things as they are. Do not procrastinate or bloat the things out of proportion, it doesn’t lead anyone anywhere
  • Life is like a very big hard disk which captures every single event that happens in our lives. The only way to move on in life is create more pleasant events rather than focusing on forgetting prerecorded events.

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Managing questions asked to the child

Fortunately, or unfortunately, human is a social animal and we needed people or ecosystem around us to survive. Sometimes, we can’t choose people around us, but we can certainly choose whom to associate moreand whom to avoid. If you have a young kid, people who sort of can’t break you will try to negatively influence your child by asking the agony questions. The best way to handle this is tell the truth to your child and exactly the way it is.

Balancing work and social life

First, even if you don’t have any financial burden, find out some way to give back to society whatever small or big way you can do. It has turned many people towards life and increased their happiness quotient. Secondly, If you have to choose a job, there are multiple companies today who offer support like flexi hours, work from home, virtual offices and all.

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