Diwali is just around the bend and many individuals have already started to heed the words of the wise i.e., to start the de-cluttering, disposing and donating efforts in order to achieve the perfect spick and span residential or work environment and welcome the Goddess of Wealth and kick-off the new Hindu calendar year with an abundance of positive vibes.

As everyone is aware, clearing up the clutter and congestion across the whole house or workspace can be extremely time-consuming as there are literally hundreds of things to go through. Listed below are some quick tips to help the late-lattif’s play catch-up over the next few days and just in time for the festive holiday:


Ensure that the entrance to your house/office is clear of any obstacles and is kept neat and tidy with a new doormat or shoes properly organized on the shoe rack and that the area is well lit. With a clean, clear and welcoming entrance, all of your visitors will walk in with a happy and joyful expression. The Goddess of Wealth would love to drag bags of precious goods and money into your humble abode. In Feng Shui, this area also signifies one’s career-making changes here should also change things in your career area for the better.

Living Area:

This is the area where your guests would most likely be seated for hours at end, hence, it is important to not attempt to hide some of the clutter behind the couch, etc. Refresh the area with new cushion covers/curtains, change the vase or introduce some fun table games or coasters.


This is the heart and soul of every household as it’s here that life-sustaining foods that keep your family and friends well-nourished and healthy are prepared. Ensuring all the equipment is functional not broken or clogged up, getting rid of broken or chipped utensils and expired food products is a great way to improve the overall look and bring in healing and healthy energy into space. Organizing the spice rack and eliminating stale foods and empty bottles from the refrigerator is another easy enhancement that can turn a boring kitchen into a chef’s dream kitchen. Use natural products such as lemons and vinegar to clean the countertops and refrigerator as they not only serve as disinfectants but, also add fresh fragrances into the air.


The bedroom should always be a place of quiet retreat at the end of a long and exhausting day. Most of us, unfortunately, have a clutter-filled bedroom with overflowing wardrobes, clothes thrown into multiple piles, items to be repaired, knick-knacks to be put into the right drawers and so on. Spruce up the bedroom by clearing all these piles of clothes and things lying around by donating, recycling or even handing-down some of the stuff as it’s a great way to satisfying someone else’s needs. Get rid of the torn or tattered linen and curtains in the bedroom and change the look of your bedroom in an instance by using new bedspreads and introducing pillows of various sizes, textures, and colours and adding some bedside table lamps. Make this a room you and your partner would love to unwind, relax and rejuvenate in.

Freshen up the Bathroom:

Remove all the unwanted toiletries, unused brushes, and empty bottles. It’s time to clean up the vanity or cabinets. Clean the tiles using soapy water. Put some disinfectant on the floor and clean all of the corners using lukewarm water. The last cleaning step should be to wipe clean the mirror. Now, place all the required toiletries at their designated place. Don’t forget, no hanging clothes behind the bathroom door.

Nitty Gritty:

Keep all flat surfaces clean, clear and clutter-free. Wipe the dust off the fans, television sets and other decorative items that are placed on/or around the space. Spruce up the plants in the house on a regular basis and have a designated place for everything, so that everything is always in its place.

With advancement in technology the gadgets are getting obsolete in very short span, so sell, donate or dispose of the electronic clutter now.

Design and Decorate:

At this stage, individuals can essentially reward themselves for following the above recommendations by introducing lights, decorative ornaments, new table settings, etc. to enhance each area. Use products or materials that offer different textures, colour pallets and even fragrances where possible.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi feels welcomed into spaces that are properly lit, cleaned and obstacle free. May she bring you and your loved ones abundant wealth, love, happiness, and prosperity. Happy Diwali to all of you from Minimize-to-Maximize.