Point to Ponder: How did our ancestors manage their relationship? With so many dynamics playing withinbrowse the joint family system, I am sure it would not have been cake walk for them! Agreed, they did not have the fast paced, stressful life style of our generation but they also did not have the nuclear family system that we have. Our intelligence has helped us to break through the latest technologies. Why can’t the same intelligence guide us to balance the key relationships in our life?

Let us try and understand the role our ancient Indian system of Vaastu Shastra and the Chinese practice of Feng-Shui, in maintaining harmony in our relationships. Vaastu is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directions. It helps us to live in harmony with the five basic elements, air water, fire, earth and space. Feng-Shui means wind and water. It is believed that if we live in harmony with wind and water, we will prosper.

Based on these sciences I have discussed few points which helps us to maintain harmony in different relations.

  1. SW zone of the house/property signifies the between the husband and wife. Any Vaastu defect in this zone significantly affects the couple’s relationship.
  2. NW zone is the zone of helping hands. If this zone has a defect you may not get support from your friends and family.
  3. The SW of the house is the relationship zone. Check that this zone of the house is not reduced or extended.
  4. Activate the SW of your house/bedroom with a pair of Mandarin Ducks and Rose Quarts crystal. This makes the marriage happy and stable.
  5. Activating the SW with mandarin ducks and crystals or wearing the heart shaped rose quartz crystals around the neck also helps young girls find good life partner.
  6. A picture of High Mountain which does not have any sea, lake or river, displayed on the SW wall increases the stability in the family.
  7. Crystal kept in the SW corner of drawing room maintains love and understanding among different members of the family.
  8. Light up red or yellow candles in SW corner of drawing room. This will produce the yang energy which leads to love and peace in the family.
  9. Mirrors should not be placed in such a way that it reflects the bed. If unavoidable, cover the mirror before you go to bed.
  10. A mirror reflecting the main entrance directly stops the positive energy from entering the house. This may lead to disharmony in the family. This may even lead to misunderstanding between husband and wife.
  11. Partial reflection of the main entrance of the house may lead to the children living away from the family.
  12. Light up red or yellow candles in SW corner of drawing room. This will produce the yang energy which leads to love and peace in the family.
  13. Never sleep directly under a beam of the ceiling. This can cause headaches, tension and disharmony.
  14. Do not keep an aquarium or any other water body or picture of water body in your bed room. This will create disharmony in your marital life. This leads to fickle mindedness and fear of a third person coming between husband and wife.
  15. There should be balance of yin (female) and yang (male) energies in the house/bedroom. Yin colours are blue and black. Yang colours are red, yellow, bright light, bright coloured curtains, paintings etc.
  16. Display flowers like chrysanthemums, orchids and magnolias which are symbol of love and considered auspicious.
  17. Keeping a pair of fish in the house enhances the love between newly married couples and helps them lead a physically and mentally satisfying life.
  18. If the kitchen is situated in the SW of the house it will lead to differences of opinion among the members of the family.
  19. Do not always complaint in your house as this will create negative energy and result in the imbalance of energy.
  20. It is believed that the Endless Knot makes the love between husband and wife long, disease-free, happy and harmonious. This should be displayed in the SW of the house.