In India “safety” – the essence of being whole, of protection and value for life is just something that seemsimgres-1 to be dribbling in slower than is necessary. Safety concerns, in our country, come to the surface only sporadically or as an afterthought at best! It is this fact and the desire to be a coach in safety related professions that made Vikas Bagaria bring the entire concept of safety under one portal called

The progress India has been making is only dampened because of unpreparedness to threats whether it is to our person, our belongings, our gadgets or our homes.  There are too many accidents that happen because we are not pro-active about safety. In our country, at present times, this involves primarily rape but also covers injuries to children, women, athletes, drivers and generally goes on to cover all walks of life. Here are a few products that are available in Safety Kart that need special attention and go a long way in securing our precious possessions and loved ones:

 Barton Door Block

The Barton Door Block from Adco is a miniscule price to pay for safety that goes a long way. It prevents a door from slamming on a child’s precious fingers. Thousands of children are at risk of injury every day, and this inexpensive device solves the problem. It fits all interior doors and may be installed (or uninstalled) in seconds. Barton Door Blocks from the most ideal for homes, child care centers, schools, recreation centers and retirement homes. For an idea of its effectiveness do check the video

Door Block Safety Device - Left Facing Doors

Chicco infrared thermometer thermo precision

The distance reading mode allows one to measure the temperature of the baby even when your kid is asleep or unwell, without disturbing him/her. Thanks to the pointer, you are sure to take the measurement in the correct position and from the right distance.

Chicco Thermo Precision Thermometer-1

Chicco fish bath temperature indicator

It's a bath water temperature indicator. It has a heat sensitive strip which indicates how hot/cold the water is. It changes color while indicating the temperature of water.

Chicco fish bath temperature indicator

Key Chain pepper spray – Limited stock at this moment. (expected in March end.)

Mace keyguard is a compact 3 inch long pepper spray for self defense in threatening situations. It's refillable and convenient to conceal and carry. The Mace Keyguard self defence spray unit includes a key ring that can be easily attached to your home, office or car keys. Mace Key Guard is apprx. 3 inches long so the compact design makes it convenient to carry.

The Key Guard features a hinged safety cap that flips open to reveal the actuator button, and an orientation tab that allows you to feel when the unit is properly aimed. The Keyguard is refillable.

Mace-Key-Guard-Black-Pepper Spray

Electric shocker (limited stock)

Ruger F3F1 is an electrifying product that protects you from thieves & bullies. Light-weight yet a highly powerful device, a few seconds of 80KV high voltage electric shock is enough to cause the assailant a sudden mental confusion & will let you escape from the situation.

Self-Defence-Electric Shocker

Multifunctional Car Safety Tool

One probably will never need to use the various functions in this tool but the relief of having it when it is required is beyond imagination! The Multi-functional emergency car safety tool includes a safety hammer for breaking the glass in an emergency, a blade for cutting the seat belt, a red flash light for alert, and a compass. Among the tools there is an inbuilt USB port that can charge different mobile phones and digital products as well, so even if you never have to use the life saving features of this kit it is still useful for daily use.

Multi-Functional Car Safety Tool---Hammer

Pocket Cutter

Adco pocket cutter is used for home & office purpose to cut through paper, plastics, cardboard and even thin carpets. It comes with an auto rectractable blade which ensures safety while cutting.

Professional Safety Cutter -EasyCut 1000- - Including Reserve Compartment - Black--Yellow copy

Pelican 0955 Sports Wallet : provides superior crushproof and water resistancy for small items such as: ID, cards, cash, keys and more. The dual mesh pocket interior will help keep your valuables organized and safe. Lifetime Guaranteed.

Pelican 0955 Sports Wallet-1

Pelican Progear Tablet/Netbook Case 1075

This protective case is a watertight gasket and is tight sealed when the case is shut. The easy open latch remains shut under pressure or after impact. It has an Automatic Purge Valve – Keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure. It is not only watertight but also crush and dust proof and comes with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. 


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