The weight watchers meet in Dec 2011 went on great. Members brought interesting diet snacks that we actually had a yummy time but a lighetr one ;-). Sharing the recipes with you all!

Smriti Chhabra, one of our serious weight watchers brought the winner of the day dish, a dessert sans sugar, any dieters 'dream come true'. She also attends our own member Nandini Gulati's Be Light Be Well program where she learnt the recipe. For more of Nandini's vegan and light recipes visit their blog at


  1. 2 cups cashews/ almonds/ walnuts
  2. 1 cup raw oats
  3. 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  4. 35 large pitted dates
  5. Juice and zest (grated peel) of 1 large orange



CRUST – In a food processor, grind the nuts and oats into powder. Add cinnamon and pulse again. Add 20 dates and pulse again till the mixture starts clumping together.
FILLING – In a food processor, blend the 15 remaining dates alongwith orange juice and zest until smooth.
ASSEMBLY – Press 2/3 of the crust mixture into a pan lined with wax paper or foil. Press down with your hands hard to make the base firm. Spread the filling mixture in a thin layer on top of this. Then loosely sprinkle the remaining crust on top of the filling.
Optional – Spread some dried grated coconut on top.