How many times in a day should we brush the kid’s teeth?

Ideally we should brush our teeth after every meal or after we eat anything. But that may not be practical. So twice a day, that is, once in the morning and once in the night just before bed is good enough. It is good to inculcate this habit from a very early age [Preferably soon after the first tooth erupts]. 

That being said on the frequency, it is advisable to rinse the  mouth after we have anything. 

This is necessary because the food we consume like sugary sweets, starchy chips, chapati or fruits can get stuck in-between or on the teeth. It forms a slimey layer called tartar or plaque. This layer of plaque acts as the breeding ground for the bacterias that cause tooth decay and bad breath.

When is the best time to introduce brushing habits?

It is good to inculcate the habit of brushing at a very early stage, like I mentioned before, soon after the first tooth erupts. It becomes all the more important for toddlers because they are prone to tooth decay. Toddlers who keep the milk or juice sippers or bottles in their mouths and drift off to sleep are at a high risk of developing Rampant Caries where the upper front milk teeth  undergoes decay at a rampant pace. However the lower teeth are hardly affected as they are covered and protected by the tongue. 

If Rampant Caries is seen in a kid, what should be done?

Take him to a dentist immediately. Also in these cases, the mother has to clean the teeth and the gums with gauze clothe wrapped on the finger and also massage the gums. If we put the habit of brushing the teeth twice a day as the rule of the house, it will be deep ingrained in their brains. This will help them to maintain their oral hygiene in the long run too.

Whats the best toothpaste in the market?

Any toothpaste which is flouridated is good enough. The proper amount of flouride in it helps prevent the tooth decay. The kids’ toothpaste available in the stores can be used. They also have a good taste to it which is encouraging for the little kids.

 Is there any specific kind of toothbrush that needs to be used?

Any toothbrush with soft or medium bristles is good enough. Today, in the market, you find toothbrushes with creative designs and characters on it, that gets the kid excited and gives them a good reason to brush their teeth twice a day.