Diwali, the festival of light is around the corner however the fear of putting on weight could be there on everyone’s mind. We can easily get over with this fear if we just prepare beforehand to enjoy Diwali delicacies and fun-filled period of festivities.

Trust me, just a week of indulgence can’t make much damage to our body/health provided we prepare the body and mind for it. Here are some quick and easy tips:

  1. Prepare your body beforehand for Diwali times by doing extra exercises and eating healthy diet
  2. Eat high fiber/healthy breakfast to ensure high energy throughout the day. By doing this, you will not indulge in the Diwali sweets and snacks early on in the morning
  3. Eat less during the day so that it compensates for heavy eating in the evening
  4. Use healthy drinks (fresh juices) instead of cola/sweetened juices
  5. To balance the intake of sweets, cut down sugar in other routine items i.e. tea, coffee, soft drinks etc.
  6. Have a light meal before going for Diwali party i.e. eat healthy food (fruit/salad/juice) before going. This will help you avoid overindulgence over food served at party
  7. Choose right items on your party plate i.e. avoid gravy dishes and packaged food, have more salads/fruits/nuts, have rasgulla instead of gulab jamun etc. Just have small portions of each item
  8. Excess of everything is bad. Limit your sweet intake and share with your friends at the party !!!
  9. Avoid/Limit alcohol consumption as it stimulates appetite and you end up eating more
  10. Include herbal tea/green tea/cinnamon tea in daily routine as it increases metabolism
  11. Have a minimum of 3 liters water every day. This will keep you hydrated and will avoid unnecessary food cravings
  12. Stick to your exercise routine (min 45 mins, anything extra is a bonus)
  13. Enjoy cooking at home. It is difficult to resist sweets available everywhere so try preparing some of these at home with healthier options e.g. brown sugar or jaggery in place of white sugar, wholesome flour in place of maida, less salt, cold pressed oil (coconut, mustard, sesame oil) etc. If possible go for baking instead of deep frying
  14. Detox yourself for 4-5 days with detox diet and natural therapies once celebrations are over
  15. Do not store extra sweets at home as you tend to eat more if you have them around. Do good charity during and post-Diwali celebrations.

Last but not the least, Eat Guilt Free and Enjoy with Positive Mind. Happy Diwali


Feature Image Source :HealthifyMe