Essential Oils : Burning essential oils like citronella or lavendar not only add fragrance to your rooms, but also helps keep the mosquitos away. Very good quality of citronella oil/neem seed oil + coconut oil [neither smells great nor is convenient in hot summers] can also be applied on skin as a mosquito repellent. Some other oils for burning include:

  1. Lemon eucalyptus
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  2. Cinnamon
  3. Clove
  4. Peppermint
  5. Lemongrass
  6. Castor
  7. Neem
Our member Aarti Anand tips "I add lemongrass oil in my poccha water in the morn and eve, i burn dhoop in the house every 2nd day (bought from good earth) and run an electric diffuser with water and lemongrass oil for a couple of hours everyday. Have also bought this citronella balm from ALtitude Store and put a drop on the kids clothes in the eve.". Lemongrass oil can be bought by the litre at saddar bazaar. Dont know where in gurgaon u get it by the litre. The Altitude Store – G-20, Central Plaza Mall, Golf Course Road Phone +91 124 403 4747 and +91 124 403 4748 . They home deliver or u can order from there website.


Plants that Mosqis hate: Add these plants at your doorstep garden and keep the mosquitos away

  1. Marigold 2. Catnip 3. Citronella 4. Basil 5. Lemongrass 6. Rosemary 7. Catnips

Pl note that this idea of planting, has mixed reviews on its effectiveness.

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Mosquitos are attracted to dark colors. Avoid clothing your kids in dark colors when they are outside

Smart Phone Users: iPhone has a free app that plays high frequency sound which mosquitos hate. The name of the App is Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller

Recipe for a Natural Mosquito Repellent: This recipe is as recommended by Pandit Elchuri which is named  "Masaka vidhvamsini ".

Take equal quantities by weight of 3 easily available powders for this home made mosquito repellent.

  1. Mustard powder  – Dry Mustard seeds in the sun and powder them or alternatively mustard powder is readily available in the market.
  2. Powder of dried Neem leaves.The Neem tree chosen should be old and mature with a thick trunk and bark.The leaves chosen also should not be tender as they don't dry too well.                                              
  3. Powder of  natural sea salt which are available as big crystals.

Mix the powders and store.Use it like Sambrani  or guggul.Take an iron bowl with burning red coal in it.Sprinkle little powder in instalments .There will be smoke .Fan the smoke.Let it permeate the room or the house .The mosquitoes fly away because the smoke is unbearable for them.Ideally the mixture should be sprinkled on hot and dried dung cakes .The smoke is not poisonous .If a person is allergic to any of the above 3 ingredients used he must  not use this .

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Last but not the least: Eating lot of garlic can effectively keep mosquitos away. The problem with this is it can keep others away too laugh