breakfast-tomato-salad-eggs-and-cheese-toast-1431176-1-mYou love eating, don’t you?

You want to lose weight – right?

You have tried everything – exercising, dieting, skipping meals, etc. etc. etc.

It may have worked for some, but not you! Stress is what you found.

If this is your story, I urge you to read on. You will be surprised that your love for food (eating) could help you lose weight – the stress free way!

Learn how to stay healthy.

Eating right at right intervals and in limited quantities is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Food is like a light switch. It turns the fat burning/ fat storage in your body ON or OFF. Fat burning starts when your body gets food; and stops when your body does not get food. Feed your body when it needs it. Skipping meals only results in fat storage and make your system behave like a scrooge – your body will start making fat reserves; resulting in rapid weight gain. Eating right will help you loose weight and give proper nourishment to your body keeping it fit, healthy and fulfilling.

You should know. There is a simple science behind this.

Our brain controls the release of fat burning and fat storage hormones. These hormones get released into our bloodstream and together they control our metabolism. These hormones are released after each meal and your diet can manipulate these hormones.

This is how your body makes it works. After each meal your body produces a large amount of fat burning hormones and a little of the fat storing hormones. When you eat right in right quantities (more than 3 times a day in limited quantities) some fat burning hormones get consumed in burning the new fat and the balance get used to burn the accumulated fat in your body – resulting in healthy weight loss. Over a period of time, this healthy regime, helps in speeding up the metabolism and reduces the storage of excessive fat.

Once you know the trick. You are a magician.

Your metabolism doesn't know how much food you'll eat the next day. Hence, it burns calories based on your eating habits during the past few days and it also assumes that you'll continue to consume the same calories in the coming days. If you keep eating the same type of food /calories you'll be stuck with the same body forever. To start losing weight/inches you need to give your body different type of food everyday. Trick is to confuse your body and force fat loss.

Maybe hard to believe but eating more than three times a day could be a solution to speeding up your weight loss. After all, we all love eating. Don’t we?

Tripti Tandon

Founder & Chief Nutritionist – ‘Tripti’s Wellness 1’ & ‘I Eat Right’.

Expert in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Child Obesity, Weight Loss management for Men & Women, Karmic and Self Healing.

DLF Phase 1, Gurgaaun, Haryana

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