Health is the most valuable piece of luggage you need to carry while on your vacation. Travelers must be prepared for medical situations prior to departure a few of which are as detailed below:


Time to destination and mode of travel to be considered specially for – elderly travellers, kids, or if you have a prior Musculoskeletal (arthritis etc.) or spinal condition like backaches, spondylosis etc.- please observe comfortable and correct sitting posture, avoid a heavy meal prior to travel, be sure to have a good night sleep prior and wear comfortable clothing.

Motion sickness has been a nightmare for those affected- thus a suitable vestibular sedative pill needs to be taken at least an hour prior to the journey typically Road travel on winding uphill or downhill course.

Weather at Destination- Please check various weather apps prior to reaching so that you wear appropriate clothing to a colder, warmer or a humid climate.

Time Zone– Please check time difference to adjust your sleeping schedules, avoid excessive caffeine intake as it can interfere with sleep patterns.

Allergies and Hypersensitivities can occur to any product airborne, food borne or from water thus a suitable anti-histamine is a great companion for skin or respiratory allergies.


  • A Paracetamol in your travel medical kit is probably the best medicine and can even be procured over the counter at Destination.
  • Stomach ailments including Gastroenteritis, gastritis and indigestion are a common occurrence and antacids and anti-emetics along with pro-biotics should accompany the travelers.
  • Injuries and minor accidents are mishaps for which one needs to carry simple antiseptic creams, dressing material, crepe bandage and band- aids along with an analgesic spray.
  • Please remember to carry all your ongoing Medicines-(Antihypertensives, Oral drugs for Diabetes or Insulin, Blood thinners, Asthma Inhalers etc.) in adequate supply and extra to cater to contingencies on a Holiday.
  • The Doctor’s Prescription in hard copy must be carried and if possible the health record if a soft copy of the same is available.
  • A Flu Vaccine for the current year( irrespective of the destination) must be administered at least a fortnight prior to travel,this apart depending on the type and destination of travel a Tetanus injection (rafting,mountaineering, camping holidays) Anti-Rabies vaccine ( Wild life, Safari vacation) and a Hepatitis A vaccine can be injected after consulting with your Physician.

All said and done a Travel Health Insurance protects you wherever you and your family travel.Finally a visit to your Personal Physician prior to departure is always recommended.

Healthy and Happy Vacations.


Content by :

travelDr. Amitabh Parti

Director and Unit Head – Department of Internal Medicine

Fortis Memorial Research Institute,

Sector – 44, Opposite HUDA City Centre, Gurugram, Haryana 122002   l   Ambulance: 105010   l