From therapy sessions to kennels, cafe and India’s first pet therapy centre

From Delhi to Mumbai…

It was a beautiful sunny day when two cute puppies entered the premises of a college. While everyone else was busy cuddling, an idea germinated, and Fur Ball Story was born.

3 pooches and over 400 therapy sessions later, we decided to take a huge leap. Days went by in researching and setting up meetings. The discussions started with only pet therapy centre and kennels but finally reached on building up Gurugram’s first in-city dog café with a dog pool for hydrotherapy, which will eventually be India’s first Pet Therapy Centre once our puppies complete their training.

With so many publications and coverage, we had a lot of people following us and our furry army, but not everyone really believed in our work. Every startup goes through a phase when their spotlight begins to fade. It was during this stage that we got the support of BASIL by Shubhesh Goel and Doggie Dabbas by Rashee Shah Kuchroo. Thanks to Rashee, nobody at Fur Ball Café, needs to ever think twice before ordering anything for their doggos. And thanks to Shubhesh, our pooches have access to 100% dependable herbal pet products.

Apart from this, just a few months from incorporation, Fur Ball Story has another feather in its cap. Upon receiving hundreds of requests for beginning our services in other cities of India, we finally decided on expanding to Mumbai. Travel anxiety will now take a backseat as you will find our furry army at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on weekends from 7 PM to 1 AM. While our pups, Oreo, Hachi and Effy complete their training in Delhi, Angel, Muffin and Cocoa are going to be busy giving away warm hugs and sloppy kisses to the travelers. At other times, we will bring them to the residences, and organizations of those who need.

With so many new projects underway, we decided to host a feast for all those who have ever cared for Fur Ball Story. Thanks to AJ Foods, it was made possible. We sincerely hope to have you by our side till the time dogs

continue being a man’s best friend. And we promise to always amaze you with the cuteness of our furry army.

 Fur Ball Story: 31, Saraswati Kunj, Sector 54, Near Va?ika Towers, Gurugram.

The write-up has been written by the Fur Ball Story team