Sheer magic was created on stage last Saturday morning at the South City 2 Club, when Bagiya and Music Mantraa came together for a musical fundraiser event. A student led initiative by founders Rhea Chadha and Sabina D’Souza, the ‘Music Mantraa’ presentation aimed at raising funds for the non profit Bagiya school to enable the management to incorporate music as a part of their curriculum for the underprivileged children, to purchase musical instruments  for them and help them realise their musical dream .

The stage came alive with varied performances by the Bagiya children across genres and styles  like Qawwali, western music and motivational hindi songs. Their hard work and the support of mentors was clearly evident in the stellar performances they gave. Language seemed to be no barrier at all.

Rhea, Sabina and a host of children from the American Embassy school who are budding professional musicians themselves,  participated with great zeal and had us enthralled with their vocal, guitar and flute performances.

It was indeed a proud moment for Bagiya,when it announced its  school anthem. The anthem ‘Honsle Buland Liye’, presented by the Bagiya children and their coach Guneet Malik, was an intense and touching piece that literally brought the audience to tears. A few supplementary verses of the anthem recited by Shilpa Sonal , Founder Director of Bagiya and Mamta Karwal, were as moving. The idea of the anthem was conceived by Shibani Sethi, an active volunteer at Bagiya, and brought to fruition by Guneet , with the lyrics penned by her sister and your’s truly Puneet and music composed by her daughter, Naisha.

Michael Jackson’s ‘We are the World’ , presented by Music Mantraa and Bagiya as their finalé performance was most empowering.

The show was followed by wonderful interactions over a cup of tea and snacks.

All in all, it was a wonderfully organised,memorable event, that not only brought those present there,  in touch with their  inner compassion, but also left them with a desire to contribute to make this world a better place . After all, music does reign supreme in connecting hearts across boundaries to unite one and all.