Blogger of the Day: Ambika Rikhye

Photographer of the Day: Shailja aka Narita

NowhereA book club event, in association with GurgaonMoms and GurgaonMoms book Club, was held to unveil the book ‘Predictions 2017’ by author Karmel Nair, at Nowhere Terrace Brewpub Café, Crosspoint Mall.  The sun favored us and it was an ideal December afternoon for an event like this one. The terrace was picturesque and had a very Christmassy feeling to it. The energy was festive and completely unspoiled.

 I reached early and while I was having coffee, I kept wondering how Karmel would be like. This was her third book and honestly I was a bit jittery as I was supposed to write about the event, and her and the book. . Karmel Nair is a famous tarot card reader who has been practicing tarot for almost ten years now.   She walked in a few moments later with an explicit energy and a gleaming smile. We spoke for a few minutes and she was so comfortable and easy to talk to. She made me completely at ease.

KarmelShe interacted with everyone around her effortlessly and the audience was completely bowled over. This is Karmel’s third ‘global’ book. This has been released in more than twelve countries. What is different about this book is that it not only talks about what the future has in store for you, it also talks about how you can change it.

She spoke about how each zodiac sign is unique and what are the main characteristics of each sign. She seemed to be bang on because the crowd seemed to agree with her all the time.

  1. Aries: This is the fire sign. They are hot headed, adventurous and very impulsive. They are very good at their work.
  2. Taurus: This is the earth sign. They are very creative and don’t show their dark side easily. They are a bit stubborn.
  3. Gemini: This is the air sign. They are very good with their communication skills. They are great lovers.
  4. Cancer: This is the water sign. They are very kind hearted and compassionate. They get carried away easily. They will fight their battles even if they are alone, and win most of the times.
  5. Leo: This is the fire sign. They are fun loving, bold, enthusiastic and very pompous. They have the power to change the situation to their advantage.
  6. Virgo: This is the earth sign. They love their peace and quiet. They don’t like it if anyone steps into their space. They are very skeptical and thoughtful. They are very cautious with everything. They can be excellent writers and can be very good with their research.
  7. Libra: This is the air sign. Librans are very balanced people. They are very good at multi tasking and keeping a perfect balance between family and career. They are blessed with good communication skills.
  8.  Scorpio: This is the water sign. These people are very dynamic and fit into any situation very well.
  9. Sagittarius: This is the fire sign. They have the power to balance out two incompatible situations or people. They are like magicians or alchemists. They can keep two swords in one sheath.
  10. Capricorn: They are the earth sign. They are a perfect combination of the dark and the bright side. They have the power to curb their dark side if they want to. They can be extremely hypnotic and they can sweep you off your feet.
  11. Aquarius:  This is the air sign. They are lovely people spreading brightness and hope. They are very gentle and put others forward. Sometimes they can be unpredictable.
  12. Pisces: This is the water sign. They are extremely artistic and emotional people. They can be finicky and highly opinioned. They don’t let go of things and think with their heart.

Without a doubt Karmel Nair is definitely the ‘Linda Goodman’ of India. She has written the book very methodically, talking about each and every sun sign. The contents are divided under love life, health, wealth and career for each zodiac for every month for the year 2017. This makes it very easy for the reader who wants to refer to any related topic. Karmel also talks and strongly emphasise on the importance of present moment awareness. Surrendering to the present with not only heal but empower you.