When you revel into a great book, your inner being comes alive with emotions and even images. The story transports us into an imaginary world. A world that we don’t want to leave. The emotions are so real. The story can make you laugh, cry and one can experience so many emotions. 
If reading can be so magical for us adults, just imagine what can happen when you read to a child. Let’s find out – 
  1. It is a great bonding exercise and is a great way to start a bedtime routine. For some mothers forming a bedtime routine is a challenge. A warm bath, massage and getting into the bed with a book is the most relaxing way to end the day.
  2. Reading a story for very small children promotes language skills, it promotes imagination. You can talk to them about their most favourite parts after the story is over. They learn new words and it improves their vocabulary. 
  3. Your child will ask questions related to the story and this stimulates curiosity. Once the story is over, you should encourage a conversation related to the story. Do not ask your child to stop asking questions. 
  4. It is a great way to tell your child about other places, cultures and traditions. You can’t travel the whole world, especially now during these unpredictable times. But books are windows to the world. You could get picture books, travel books, folk tales from other countries etc.
  5. If you wish to sensitize your child about any thing that matters, books are a great way to do it. For example good touch bad touch. 
  6. Reading makes children more empathetic. It allows anyone who is reading and listening to the story, to feel what the characters in the story are feeling. 
  7. Reading completely relaxes your mind and body. All your worries evaporate into this air. Your child will get the same energy from you and will feel the same. 
  8. As per some researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, reading can alter brain tissues in small children. It creates more white matter which helps brain communication within the brain. 
  9. Reading and listening to stories help in increasing the attention span of children. 
  10. Once your children are older you could start mystery books like Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Harry Potter series.
  11. A study was conducted at the University of Melbourne. It was called, ‘Reading to Young Children: A Head Start in Life.’ As per this study – The frequency of reading to children at a young age has a direct causal effect on their schooling outcomes regardless of their family background and home environment. How frequently a child has been read to, has an effect on the cognitive skills.
When my child was very small. I got books with more illustrations and less of text. that was the favourite time of our day. We would just snuggle into his bed and I would switch on the bedside lamp and read to him. Slowly my child would jut drift into deep slumber.
There is a wide range of age appropriate books that you can choose from. Make a cozy corner in your child’s room. Two chairs, a lamp and a blanket. Or just snuggle in the bed every night and read your child’s favourite story book. 
Nothing can outshine a twinkle in a child’s eye, not even fireworks in the sky. Storybooks are the best way to dive into a world of magic, adventure, and delight. The sparkle and twinkles will never fade away, for there is a secret world of storybooks that awaits. and children who read, will never ever be bored or lonely. 
Following is a comprehensive compilation of the  ‘Ultimate Reading Guide for Children’  ,including book that can be read to your unborn child!
Happy reading!
Books for Every Age:The Ultimate Reading Guide for Children
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