UntitledSomeone once said” Beauty is only skin deep” … and here at three graces they take this phrase very seriously! Newly launched at Sector 29 TG ( Three Graces) is a clean and sterile yet most  assuredly welcoming place. We are ushered into pristine white interiors which instantly calm and soothe you no matter what the weather outside. We are then offered refreshments and taken into a detailed consultation with the manager in charge .We then meet Dr.Sonal Bansal who is a post graduate in dermatology.She has 6 years of experience. She did a thorough consultation, answered all my  comforts us that no harm can come of any of their treatments. They are extremely stringent on choosing candidates based on skin type and overall health.

Three Graces is linked to the renowned Amatrra Spa which is located in Ashoka Hotel Delhi .. a hallmark in itself. Their Service Offerings include:

  • 009[1]Slimming Centre and Dermatic Cosmetology
  • Skin Enhancement
  • High Speed Light Sheer Duet Permanent Hair reduction
  • Body Sculpting
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Circumference reduction
  • Slimming Studio
  • Tri Pollar Treatments


007I opt for the Gorgeous facial which is a combination of a water based facial using water and serums. It also included dermabrasion and removal of black heads etc.

The future is here!! The Gorgeous facial uses technology and takes the art of facials to another level. The face is first prepped and cleansed. This exfoliates the skin and renews the skin surface. Then using a machine a series of very high powered water jets hydrate the skin completely.This is followed up by a machine that infuses chilled jets of air which have water .This balances the skin and removes all toxins.

This is followed up by a gel or serum massage and finished of with a thick pack.The pack cools and renews the skin. 

My experience at the Gorgeous facial is highly technological but oh so relaxing. The therapists are so gentle and extremely well trained. They explain throughout the procedure and there is no discomfort whatsoever.Talk about glow.. there is more than a visible difference after this work of art.

TG recommends facials as treatments when required once in ten days. As facials once or twice a month is ideal.

Facials start at Rs.2000 onwards.

Special offer for GurgaonMoms :

Three Graces Offer