Go with the Flow, an exhibition of contemporary Ceramics marked the coming together of 7 Ceramic Artists who have learned under the tutelage of renowned Ceramic Artist, Arun Mukhuty, a BHU alumnus with national award to his credit and years of experience in Ceramics.

The participants included Divya Dandona Jaswal, Manju Tomar, Namita Khanna, Priyasha Bose, Parul Srivastava, Rajendra Dengle and Vishakha Swarup.

Being a group of ceramic artists, each of them have their own style of expression in depicting their creative ideas. The Molten earth binds them together beautifully just like their art works.


The inspiration for this exhibition came literally from their experiences with clay and learning to let it speak to them as they carve their thoughts and ideas into pieces of art. Growing to a stage, where the art created by them, is the perfect culmination of skills, techniques and the ability to listen to clay and let it be a guiding force. That indeed has been an evolution for all the artists

The one thing that unites them together is the persistence to push their own set boundaries with clay consistently, and not forcing the medium, but rather learning to go with the flow….


This has been contributed by our member Parul Srivastava , an amazingly talented ceramic artist , who was one of the participants at ‘ Go with the Flow’, India Habitat Centre from 19- 24th July 2018